LMO in a surprise move has conducted raids in Mumbai based popular movie theatres and malls. Not a surprise, but they have been booked for selling the products above (Maximum retail Price) MRP that is printed on the product.

In India it is common that almost very few products are sold as per MRP printed. Otherwise, it may be sometimes discounts or excess, but never the less not MRP. This is the prevailing situation in Indian market.

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But according to the law it is clearly a violation of the consumer act prescribed in the Indian Constitution. To safeguard the consumer rights such laws have been framed. But to the maximum extent they are violated nationwide.

There is another practice by the sellers. Many products have double and even triple MRPs printed. And as usual the buyer is used to purchase them blindly. They are not even bothered to bring it to the notice of LMO. This is mainly because of the lack of knowledge among the consumers and buyers.

Coming back to the present scenario, around 19 outlets have been booked by the LMO authorities for the law violation. Mostly the food and beverage outlets and the movie theatres were booked for the illegal selling. Based on a compliant LMO conducted these raids.

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Around 345 establishments across the Maharashtra state were suddenly checked and 134 of them were booked under Legal Metrology Commodities Act section 18 for various violations. 19 of them are alone from the capital city Mumbai. The manufacturing companies were also issued notices for the mal practices of dual MRP printing.

To be more elaborate on the cases booked against establishments - 24 cases of Dual MRPs, 65 cases for selling more than MRP and 45 cases were booked for other violations.