Reliance Direct to Home (DTH) Digital Television services are now offers a free package of High Definition (HD) channels for viewing. Reliance Digital TV has announced this promotional offer in the view of coming festival Diwali.

The Reliance Digital TV Diwali offer will be closed by 30th Oct 2016. The willing subscribers have to pay the fixed charges of the Packs that are offered by Reliance after the offer period. This is said to be the business strategy as to the digital clarity to the normal SD viewers.

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Reliance Digital TV offers a total of 310 channels through its DTH services. Out of which 288 are SD channels and 12 are HD channels. The remaining 10 are the Radio frequency channels.

Now as per the offer all the 12 HD channels can be viewed by the SD Channel package holders freely. The free channels will be made available till 30th Oct 2016 mid night. If the users wish to view them after the said date, then have to opt for the package mentioned by Reliance DTH.

In general, HD channels are known for their superior clarity picture quality when compared to normal SD channels. Reliance DTH has 9 transponders on MEASAT 3 for relay purposes.

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Out of these 9, 5 transponders are shared with the Sun network. SUN Direct DTH is one of the major and tough competitors for Reliance. In the past, talks were held between the two for the acquisition of Reliance DTH services. But somehow they were not fruitful and both remained in their own streams of business.

To remember, TATA Sky DTH services also offered similarly to celebrate its 10th anniversary a couple of months ago. TATA Sky offered both SD and HD channels free for its subscribers for a period of two weeks.


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