Letvision, a Turkish research and development company has achieved a rare fleet. In its latest innovation, the concept of transformers has been successfully achieved. A BMW 3 series car, a make of 2013-ish has been used for this. The car can be converted into a 15-foot robot. The company has succeeded in making the car look like a complete robot when transformed.

In the form of a car, the BMW 3 serves the purpose of traveling. This can be done through a Wi-Fi remote controlling system. The interiors are modified for the transforming and take the shape of a robot. The Robot operates with the help of electric power generated within.

The name of this innovation and car-cum-robot is named as Letron. As shown in the Hollywood movies, the car will transform itself into a robot within just less than a minute. For making this happen, a combination of hydraulics and electric motors are fitted inside the car.

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Letron after transforming into a robot from car, has all the accessories like legs and hands with lights. Every operation is performed with ease as it can move its hands, turn its head. Unfortunately, it cannot walk.

Light and sound interactions are provided along with a fog machine located. The official site of the Letvision has kept a video for viewing. The company also plans to build the future Letrons with various car models and also hope they can be driven in traffic as well. This can be stated as the first step in the transformation innovation and the future has a bright prospectus in this area.

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Hopefully such innovations will be helpful in the future course of human needs fulfilment. On the other hand there must also be serious measures to curb the misuse of such innovative technologies. As seen in the movies, in real life too there always lies a matter of risk along with good.