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Mini Einstein Robot at CES 2017: Professor Einstein is Your Personal Genius

Hanson Robotics has unveiled their wonderful cute Mini Einstein Robot at CES 2017. This robot looks and acts as a real Albert Einstein. It walks, talks and interacts with you and gives you over 50 real expressions and gestures. This Robot also works as your personal genius.

It is cloud-connected and which lets you download new activities from cloud whenever you are ready for more Einstein fun. They are many interactional apps which provide you fun education. It also helps to do your science skills using free Stein- O- Matic- App for your Android tablet or iPad.

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This Mini Einstein Robot recognizes your voice and answers your question, it also holds a natural conversation with you.

Always knowledge on demand, it provides up to the minute weather updates, solves maths problems, recites facts about famous people. It has rechargeable batteries which have delivered up to three consecutive days of learning and entertainment.

Hanson Robots unveils its mini robot with the name of Professor Einstein at CES 2017.  It is 14.5″ Wi-Fi-connected robot geared toward educating and entertaining its users with the likeness of the late genius Albert Einstein.

‘Robots’ are ‘Customs Officers’ In China Airports

CEO and founder David Hanson said this Einstein robot could physically explore the world the way that a baby would, and it can socially explore and learn from people.”

He also said this individual robot would become your personal companion, and privacy is totally respected, it’s not learning all people around the world but what is doing is learning from those interactions to learn.

This battery life for Professor Einstein for three top four hours and comes with rechargeable batteries which have equipped with his feet.

You can also sign up for the waitlist with your name and email address at website professoreinstein.com

Toyota’s Faithful Companion ‘Kirobo Mini’ Will Chat With You

Toyota is bringing the new Kirobo Mini to market in 2017; the company has proved that robots can be cute, companion, and useful. The sales of this Robot will start only at the selected Toyota Dealers in Japan in this winter. Later this will be available national wide in the next year.

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp is now with the new robot which can talk with you, and ask questions when you feels down, responds and gives you the answers.

Kirobo Mini is developed as a “communication partner,” It can hold the necessary conversations, and make the hand gestures and respond to the humans and their emotions. This is small enough for fitting in the hand’s palm, and this is perfectly portable. This is going to be the constant companion to its owner. Meet Kirobo Mini, the companion for the humans.

Cutest Smartphone-RoBoHoN That Made You Forget About Smartphone and iPhone

Kirobo Mini cost about 39,800-yen, and it is about 10-centimeter about 4 inches tall and doll-like robot. This is supposed to be like as smart as five-year-old kid.

Kataoka says “Toyota has been making cars that have a lot of valuable uses. But this time, we’re just pushing emotional value.”

Fuminori Kataoka, The general manager of this project who is currently handling the project, says “its value is sentimental; this is the faithful companion when you go outside from home to car. Although the owner must do all the walking and driving,” He added.

The pre-orders will start later this year, and the shipments are set for next year. The complete details about the overseas sales are not planned so far. The sales are initially limited to Tokyo and Aichi prefecture in central Japan which is near to the company’s headquarters. This will enhance in getting the appropriate feedback from the customers.

‘Robots’ are ‘Customs Officers’ In China Airports

Kirobo is equipped with the camera, Bluetooth, and microphone, which helps in connecting to the smartphone. The user has to install the special software application. This robot turns the head towards it, when hears the voice. Moreover, the functions fail to recognize its voice as it is far from the perfect.

‘Robots’ are ‘Customs Officers’ In China Airports

What if the Robots are Custom Officers at Airports for detecting of suspicious people?  Yes, we have been using Robots for the past decades for multiple purposes. Now robots turned out to be Customs Officers for security at airports.

China has deployed ROBOTS as Officers for Customs duties at its three airports on Oct 1ST. Ten robots started to take up their duty as Customs Officers wearing badges and custom colors in the cities of Zhongshan, Zhuhai, and Sothern China’s Guandong Province – news from local customs office.

These robots are the first generation of intelligent robots, used by the Chinese customs department at the ports of Hengqin, Zhongshan, and Gongbei. These robots can answer in 29 languages and dialects, which include English, Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Raymond to Replace 10,000 Employees with Robots

The robots named Xiao Hai is equipped with State-of-the-art-perception technology which can Speak, Learn, Listen, See and Walk.

Customs officials said that they would link the robots with their customs service hotline in future for solving particular problems which can be assistance for robots.

The Face recognition technology enables the robots to identify suspicious people by raising an alarm- Zhao Min, Director of Gongbei customs.

“Shenzhen Xiaoan” in Chinese or “AnBot” is active around-the-clock, and also reacts to the emergencies with Electric riot fork. This intelligent robot is about 1.5m tall weighing about 75 kgs.

This intelligent robot is capable of Patrolling autonomously, monitoring and can auto recharge. It can spy with invisible four digital cameras.

Passengers can ask for any queries about the Flights info and can communicate in various contexts, an Official of Public Security Bureau said.

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Suspects are easily identified and detected by sound and light. Crime can be prevented by Electric riot fork. Human resource can be decreased ensuring an effective security measures by these intelligent robots as customs officers.

‘Anbot’ was developed by the National University of Defence Technology collaborating with a Domestic technology company. The Airport Authorities and Officials said that there would deploy more Robots in all other Airports in China.

Robots services are widely being used in many sectors, as there was a boom in the industrial robot sector in China.

Turkish Company Letvision Succeed in Making a Real Life Transformer 

Letvision, a Turkish research and development company has achieved a rare fleet. In its latest innovation, the concept of transformers has been successfully achieved. A BMW 3 series car, a make of 2013-ish has been used for this. The car can be converted into a 15-foot robot. The company has succeeded in making the car look like a complete robot when transformed.

In the form of a car, the BMW 3 serves the purpose of traveling. This can be done through a Wi-Fi remote controlling system. The interiors are modified for the transforming and take the shape of a robot. The Robot operates with the help of electric power generated within.

The name of this innovation and car-cum-robot is named as Letron. As shown in the Hollywood movies, the car will transform itself into a robot within just less than a minute. For making this happen, a combination of hydraulics and electric motors are fitted inside the car.

Raymond to Replace 10,000 Employees with Robots

Letron after transforming into a robot from car, has all the accessories like legs and hands with lights. Every operation is performed with ease as it can move its hands, turn its head. Unfortunately, it cannot walk.

Light and sound interactions are provided along with a fog machine located. The official site of the Letvision has kept a video for viewing. The company also plans to build the future Letrons with various car models and also hope they can be driven in traffic as well. This can be stated as the first step in the transformation innovation and the future has a bright prospectus in this area.

Pizza Making Robots in Silicon Valley 

Hopefully such innovations will be helpful in the future course of human needs fulfilment. On the other hand there must also be serious measures to curb the misuse of such innovative technologies. As seen in the movies, in real life too there always lies a matter of risk along with good.

Xiaomi Announces Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner in China

What kind of vacuum cleaner does a Household need? The perfect answer has finally come out by the Xiaomi. A new Robot vacuum has announced by the Chinese Tech Giant Xiaomi, it is an Ecosystem product developed by a company called Rockrobo.

Xiaomi seems to be unstoppable with the launch of bunch of lifestyle products like Mi ecosystem, Smart Filter Kettle. As per the company, the Mi Robot Vacuum is highly intelligent with an inbuilt Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) technology. It can able to scan its surroundings 360 degrees 1800 times per second.

Xiaomi has also installed SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping Algorithm) which enables the Robot to best housing path and to map out the whole house and calculate. It has implemented a total of 12 sensors in the machine to ensure a high level of efficiency and intelligence.

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There are three dedicated processors in the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum for real-time mapping. It also sports a powerful Nidec brushless DC motor up to 1800Pa air pressure, ensuring not only for better cleaning but also delivers ultra-quiet airflow. The whole Robot Vacuum is backed by a 5200mAh battery which Xiaomi offers claims up to 2.5 hours of cleaning. Once it is fully charged, it starts its operation where it left earlier.

The main brush of Robot vacuum can be adjusted at different heights for thorough dirt picking on uneven surfaces. Xiaomi also claims that the device has effective side brushing to clean near walls without any trouble. Like other Mi Ecosystem product, Mi Robot Vacuum is controlled with smartphones using “Mi Home app”. This app helps to set regular cleaning schedules and helps to switch on/off the device.

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Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be launched in China on 6th September, for RMD 1699 which is approximately Rs. 17,100 on Mi.com and Mi Home stores in China.

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