Robots working in companies or organisations have become latest news these days. So many companies are announcing the replacement of humans with robots. Recently, the 9-decade-year old apparel giant, Raymond has also added to the list.

According to the reports, the textile giant, Raymond is going to slash 10,000 jobs in the next three years in various manufacturing units. Instead of workers, the company is going to induct robots and use technology instead.

This automation development is already influenced in countries like China and Europe, where there is an increase in usage of robots. Raymond’s CEO Sanjay Behl said in an interview that, “one robot could replace around 100 workers. While it is happening in China at present, it will also happen in India.”

Pizza Making Robots in Silicon Valley 

Globally, there have been concerns over robots of taking away the jobs. However, this may lead to a decrease in a lot of job opportunities. Now so many private banks in India are looking at using the robot services. Even pizza making robots are about to launch.

Recently ICICI Bank officials have reported that the services of robots are used to perform tasks like generating customer ID’s, updating mobile numbers and addresses, resolving ATM related queries, etc. They have automated 10 lakh banking services using robots.

The country’s second largest private banking entity, HDFC Bank has also announced to introduce the robots for customer service in one of its branches in Mumbai. They had been launching the project of Artificial Intelligence, and the first device is ready for deployment.

HDFC Banks will soon have a Robot Receptionist

This Raymond’s automation drive to kill 10,000 jobs will hit the Indian manufacturing company. As per the various analysis, this automation process will wipe out 50% jobs in IT industry. Due to automation or robots, the top five firms of IT industry in India has employed less than 24 percent.


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