Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes

Samsung is performing well at replacing the explosive Galaxy Note 7 devices which are millions in number.  Galaxy Note 7 which was proved safe theoretically, burst into flames in China. The mobile was bought online over the weekend and unfortunately, the owner was injured in the accident.

As per reports, Hui Renjie, 25- year old techie purchased a Note 7 from an online retailer. The device was exploded on Monday morning and damaged his MacBook, and two of his fingers were also burnt.

A Samsung representative visited him soon after the incident and offered a new phone. However, the victim declined the offer claiming his distrust toward Samsung and publicized the issue.

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Hui says that he charged the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 over the night and found the phone is emitting black smoke. While it was still connected to the charger, the phone busted into flames and caused damage to his MacBook as well.

Hui posted a video of the smoke emanating from the phone while still it is connected to the charger.

However, the authenticity of the video is yet to be confirmed, and Samsung is investing on the incident. The company has been blown after the launch of its Note 7 handsets are complaining about catching fire. Korean mobile giant claims that the faulty batteries as the reason behind the exploding.

Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Prompts New Lawsuit on Samsung

The company has recalled all the sold devices and is replacing with safer ones. The safe battery devices feature a black box symbol on the packaging and Green Box Symbol which confirms the safe replacements.

Reports say that devices in China are exempted in global recall program as the batteries supplied in China are from a different supplier. Sadly, four cases have been reported for battery fires since then. However, Samsung investigations offend itself by revealing the reason that fires caused is from an external heat source and not by the battery itself.


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