Samsung Pay, the Korean electronics giant mobile payment and digital wallet service was celebrating its first anniversary in the US. The company claims that its mobile payment platform supports more than 500 banks in the United States.

It was teamed up with to make redeeming discounts easier. Samsung Pay protects your payment details with several layers of security. It keeps your payment information separately and doesn’t store or share it. In addition to security reasons, it is build up with Samsung Knox technology for monitoring.

Suppose, if you have ever lost your phone, you have the power to deactivate the Samsung Pay remotely. Samsung represents 80 percent of debit card, credit card market in the country. Inorder to celebrate its first anniversary, Samsung has added in-apps services to search, store and redeemed coupons.

The Korean company also stated about the cloud storage feature that helps the users to restore gift cards, coupons cards and membership cards when they sign in to the new mobile.

Samsung to Launch Samsung Pay Mini Availability on third party Android and IOS devices

Samsung has drastically increased the Pay’s availability by expanding to new regions and partnering with the new banks. The company reports that now, it is the most widely accepting mobile payment system.

To mark the celebrations, Samsung is offering over $100,000 in prizes for the Samsung Pay users. The company has announced the 365 lucky winners to receive the Gear S2 Smartwatch as a part of the celebration.

Samsung Launches New Gear S3 Smartwatches

The Samsung Pay app supports only for the mentioned devices. The credit card or debit card must be a qualifying Visa, MasterCard and American Express issued by the banks in the list. Samsung Pay allows to make safe and secure transactions and is accepted anywhere you can just swipe or tap your credit or debit card.

It makes transactions easy just by swipe up your home button or just click on the Samsung Pay app, and you can secure with your fingerprints. Inorder to make payment, place your phone in the in-store card reader and your payment will be done successfully.


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