Are you feeling or suffering from a headache? Or Experiencing any other severe pain which would disturb your daily schedule. Don’t get worried, just open Google app and start searching for your symptoms.

Yes, the tech giant company will be helping you to diagnose yourself in the case of a sudden pain which may be due to stress level or any other reason. And now Google will play a Doctor to stop that. Google made a decision to concentrate that is symptom related, stating the reason that presumably one percent of searches on Google are symptom search.

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So Google will navigate and tends to lead people from mild symptoms to various conditions leading to unnecessary anxiety and stress. If you ask the tech Giant Company on symptoms search like “a one-sided headache,” then it will show you a list relating to your symptom search (“a headache,” “a migraine,” “a tension headache,” “a cluster headache,” and “sinusitis,”).

The Google’s Symptom search would provide an overview description along with information on self-treatment option. Google says “ Our goal is to help to navigate you to explore health conditions related to your symptoms.”

Google Slides Q&A let the audience to raise questions in a unique way!

On working with a team of medical experts, Google collected high-quality medical information and carefully reviewed individual symptom information.Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic helped to represent on improving the lists.

The new Symptom Search update will roll out in next few days in English. Over the time, will extend this to other languages and made internationally.