Huawei has the decent name with their smartwatches and how they offer to the users. The company provides the variety number of good wearable devices which are powered by Google’s Android Wear Operating System (OS).

As per the latest reports coming from Korea, that two multinational electronics companies Samsung and Huawei are both currently working on the new smartwatch which is powered by the Tizen Operating System.

Samsung the looking for developing the smartwatches on their Operating system, while others continue to launch the smartwatches which are powered by Android.

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“Huawei was looking for an Operating System (OS) other than Google’s Android as the US firm had not been very collaborative.” From the reports cited from Samsung Official.

Huawei is already one of the leading key players when it comes to the wearable devices which are offering the users with wide range of devices. So definitely this is not going to be the great news for Google.

Earlier Samsung has released the budget and low range smartphones with Galaxy Z and other Home appliances with the Tizen OS. One of the Representative from Samsung says “Samsung has not officially received any request for such collaboration from Huawei yet.”

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Once these smartwatches are out, This Korean company Samsung have the market into the Samsung Watches and the time to celebrate for the Samsung Lovers.

There is no official announcement from neither Samsung nor Huawei about these reports and current project. Consider this information as the grain of salt and we suggest you to wait for a while for the official confirmation. We will update the information once it is officially out, so stay tuned for the future updates on these smartwatch and other technologies.


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