Bhavin Turakhia, serial entrepreneur, expressed that the Telecom partners in the country are ‘unenthusiastic’ in adoption or driving towards innovation. Internet Telephony is not competitive in providing service to users by the service providers.

Turakhia, co-founder of Directi Group a USD 1.4- billion company also added that the “Internet Telephony” is under major threat from the telecom players in India.

Users can make calls to any phone number using the web through #InternetTelephony.

In a statement of Turakhia, “Incumbent providers like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, etc., are very slow or unwilling to reduce costs and drive innovation. Allegedly, incumbent operators are claiming that only the telecom carrier that provides a data connection to the subscriber should be allowed to offer Internet telephony to that subscriber over their internet connection,”

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“ Internet Telephony enables customers to make calls at 1/3rd the current calling rates and also provides numerous benefits such as the ability to make calls over Wi-Fi in bad signals areas, 90% cheaper international calling with HD voice and with innovations like simultaneous data transmission, video calls and much more,”

Internet Telephony should be implemented long back when it is introduced. At that time there was no awareness among the users of this technology. Besides there was a lack of technical advancement by the people. Telecom operators had penetrated into the Telecommunications system very deeply, putting peripheral the Internet Telephony.

Now re-introduction of the Internet Telephony to the Subscribers would be a threat to the teleoperators pushing them to many complications, such as lowering revenue.

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On the other hand, Turakhia expresses his view for developing and adoption of this internet telephony. As it results in the innovation and a change to the users. The reports submitted by Turakhia, on the Internet Telephone, disagreed by TRAI.

With iSPIRIT, Turakhia launched a campaign named ‘Free Your Voice’. The campaign launched to counter stand against the telecom operators for the response on the reports dated June 22, 2016.

Sudhir Singh, who belongs to iSPIRIT says that the Government must ‘Unshackle’ some of the permits and restricted principles.

He added “Leaving internet telephony only to the large incumbent telecoms will not be in the interest of the consumer. The regulator should fit in the entry of some small and medium size players, also. This will help innovation and micro and small businesses and availability of variety of niche services,”


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