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Twitter has rolled out a new version of its storytelling feature called Moments. The online social networking service company has opened up the moment’s platform which enables anyone can create their own stories using the photos and tweets uploaded to the service.

The feature “Twitter Moments” first introduced back in October 2015 collecting the tweets of a common subject. Recently, certain publishing partners and Twitter employees had been charged with organizing the moment’s section.

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The company has opened up the feature to select brands and individual influencers last month. A video accompanied the tweet on Tuesday, and the new feature runs through creating customized moments, collecting from the accounts with tweets and appears as per the subject.

As if now, the new feature is only available to the desktop format and soon will also make its debut in mobile apps. A user in the new moments counter profile will see a ‘create a moment’ button on the desktop version of Twitter.

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Clicking on it enables the add series of tweets of the Moment along with a cover photo. Twitter also made the process a bit easier by including the ‘liked’ tweets or search for others on the platform.

However, moment’s feature might not take more often as many users are less enthusiastic. The moment’s feature launched last year with an idea of providing a new reason to use Twitter.

But the idea was an acceptable success in short-form content like Snapchat’s stories for instance. Many of the company’s iconic features come from individual users who make sense that the moments opened up for everyone.

It actually means the creation and sharing of more moments to generate some fun with how they’re being used. Hope, this new feature which includes the content may create much broader and more compelling narratives with the company.


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