Google has rebranded their business-to-business cloud computing brand as Google Cloud. Alphabet Inc.’s unit Google has made this announcement at the press conference held in San Francisco on Thursday.

The search engine giant is scripting to meet its competitors Microsoft and in cloud computing. This is rapidly growing business in this techs giant company to host the other company’s Digital business on their servers.

The company is looking forward to enhancing some enterprise applications using artificial intelligence. So from now Google Work for, Google’s Cloud Platform and all these Google’s cloud-based services will combine and come under Google Cloud.

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Google Cloud spans each and every layer of the business which includes the entire Google Cloud platform, where Google users are facing the collaboration and productivity applications. Now this is names as the G Suite. It contains all the machine learning tools and the APIs, the enterprise maps APIs along with the Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks which can access the cloud.

Google has made good progress in courting the customers and refining their technology. “We are closing the gap incredibly fast with competitors,” Says Diane Greene, Senior Vice-President of Google’s enterprise business during the discussion of rebranded Google Cloud.

On using the cloud computing this uses the remote internet servers for performing the operations like storing, managing and processing the data. Google offers the wide range of applications like word processing and email. As well as the ability to host the data and the provide the resources for the developers.

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Greene has moved quickly for reorganizing the engineering and appointed new leadership to boost the company’s cloud business. This will be helpful in improving the sales, Sundar Pichai CEO of Google said in the latest earnings call.

Earlier this month, The company has acquired one of the cloud software firm Apigee Corp by the closing the deal valued about $625 million. And Google has recently added the U.S. data center in Oregon, to speed up the services. In future or by next year the company will open more in Mumbai, Singapore, Virginia, Sydney, Finland, London, and Frankfurt.

Source: Google