What if the Robots are Custom Officers at Airports for detecting of suspicious people?  Yes, we have been using Robots for the past decades for multiple purposes. Now robots turned out to be Customs Officers for security at airports.

China has deployed ROBOTS as Officers for Customs duties at its three airports on Oct 1ST. Ten robots started to take up their duty as Customs Officers wearing badges and custom colors in the cities of Zhongshan, Zhuhai, and Sothern China’s Guandong Province – news from local customs office.

These robots are the first generation of intelligent robots, used by the Chinese customs department at the ports of Hengqin, Zhongshan, and Gongbei. These robots can answer in 29 languages and dialects, which include English, Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

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The robots named Xiao Hai is equipped with State-of-the-art-perception technology which can Speak, Learn, Listen, See and Walk.

Customs officials said that they would link the robots with their customs service hotline in future for solving particular problems which can be assistance for robots.

The Face recognition technology enables the robots to identify suspicious people by raising an alarm- Zhao Min, Director of Gongbei customs.

“Shenzhen Xiaoan” in Chinese or “AnBot” is active around-the-clock, and also reacts to the emergencies with Electric riot fork. This intelligent robot is about 1.5m tall weighing about 75 kgs.

This intelligent robot is capable of Patrolling autonomously, monitoring and can auto recharge. It can spy with invisible four digital cameras.

Passengers can ask for any queries about the Flights info and can communicate in various contexts, an Official of Public Security Bureau said.

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Suspects are easily identified and detected by sound and light. Crime can be prevented by Electric riot fork. Human resource can be decreased ensuring an effective security measures by these intelligent robots as customs officers.

‘Anbot’ was developed by the National University of Defence Technology collaborating with a Domestic technology company. The Airport Authorities and Officials said that there would deploy more Robots in all other Airports in China.

Robots services are widely being used in many sectors, as there was a boom in the industrial robot sector in China.


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