Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a word that is being heard very frequently now a days. Many major tech companies are in race of this technology implementation to expand their business along with growth.

Amongst the giant tech companies, Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft have joined hands to agree for a partnership related to AI. This is happening for the first time in the history of technology.

The partnership will enable to form a group and make the data usage more affective. Data has become so important these days for the business promotion, growth. It would not be enthusiastic if we equate data and currency.

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For acquiring data, serious exercises are being done by all the companies around the world. AI has a key role to play in providing them in an effective manner.

Firstly, the partnered companies will be in consultation with each other on daily basis. The main aim of newly formed group of companies will be promoting best practices and conducting researches in AI. Financial aid will also be taken care among these companies internally. Later on there is a chance of going for stake holders and other financial pool up activities.

Missing companies like Apple, Twitter, Intel and Baidu have also expressed their interest in the project but due to lack of implementation of AI or adopting AI has made their inclusion pending.

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To enhance smooth functionality of the partnered group of companies, an ethical committee has been formed. This will enable to provide a forum for the companies to share their views and valuable advices with each other.

This type of combination has opened the gates for the tech companies to challenge the negative practices of AI.


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