Have you tired of loading Facebook application due to the shortage of memory and slow internet access? Facebook has brought good news for the people who are using old mobiles. The latest announcement made by Facebook is that they are launching ‘Lite’ version of its mobile chat app.

Facebook mainly aims at emerging markets, where a massive number of people are still using old phones that don’t have enough memory or not having the ability to run full-featured application due to slower internet speed or other issues.

Facebook announced on Monday that they had launched Messanger Lite version on Android devices in Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Venezuela. The company did not announce any update about launching the Facebook Lite version in other countries. It also not given information whether it is coming for the Apple devices

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Already this ‘Messanger Lite’ application is available for the people whose phones are too old and are simple to run full pledged facebook. Messenger Lite is similar to the existing Messanger application. It lets people send photos and files but won’t applicable for video calls.

This latest step is taken as the Social media giant announces to have Messanger if the users want to send direct messages to each other, instead of using main Facebook app or site. As per the reports, more than one billion people are using Messanger each day.

In addition to this, the company has kept a loophole, that to access messages people have to log into the Facebook’s mobile website. But the Facebook is ending up this option and making the Messanger as the only option.

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David Marcus, head of messaging products at Facebook Inc., said in an interview that Messenger’s goal is to be a “product for everyone, not only people who can afford a higher-end device and more expensive data plan.”

The officials decided for the initial launch of Messanger Lite in five countries as so many people use Messanger app on old phones there. Whatsapp, the messaging app is also owned by Facebook but operated on the separate entity. More than 1 billion people use Whatsapp and many more uses both the apps.