Scientists and Doctors from five different leading British universities teamed to design a cure for HIV. Overall 50 people take part in the treatment, and it seems like one trail person’s treatment showing the sign that he might be cured.

A 44-year social worker from London took the trail treatment of HIV/AIDS cure. His early tests have failed to detect any trace of HIV in his system. But, those who are working on trail programme expect to wait for few months longer before confirming whether the treatment has worked correctly.

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The newly developed therapy is different from previous improved HIV/AIDS treatments. Now the Scientists and Doctors targeted dormant cells to destroy the virus in every part of the body. If this newly implemented test proves to be successful, then it becomes a permanent cure for HIV. And even if everything is fine after the first experiment, the tests will carry on for other five years.

 “It would be great if a cure has happened. My last blood test was a couple of weeks ago, and there is no detectable virus. However, that could be the anti-retroviral therapies, so we have to wait to be sure” said by the patient have signs of curing HIV/AIDS.

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He also added “I took part in the trial to help others as well as myself. It would be a massive achievement if, after all, these years, something is found to cure people of this disease. The fact that I was a part of that would be incredible.

Still, there are findings of this treatment are promising. A drug like this is relatively a straightforward medicine to cure HIV/AIDS rather than previously developed therapies. If all this process clears significant hurdles, the virus won’ become a threat in the upcoming decades.


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