BENGULURU: India’s Branch Office, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner announces “LITE” version of LinkedIn.

World’s Largest Online Business Network service is LinkedIn, holding for about 100 million users worldwide. India is the second biggest market with 37 million users.

Acquired by Microsoft Corp for $26.2 billion in June, LinkedIn on Monday said that, it has aimed at releasing ‘lite’ version for users to make fast and easy access on smartphones to its website reported by Reuters. This is available shortly in next few weeks. The users with poor connectivity are made easy to use LinkedIn lite.

LinkedIn now allows users to create 30 sec videos

Akshay Kothari, company’s country head in an event at Benguluru said that, providing the users better experience, LinkedIn Lite loads four times faster than before to urban and rural users who have patchy networks.

Previously much criticism was faced by LinkedIn for its poor design and user experience. And also Facebook and Tweeter had launched ‘lite’ versions to their service to spread its user base which consumed less data.

Microsoft Takes A Big Step To Acquire LinkedIn For $ 26.2 Billion

Apart from this, LinkedIn will also launch two more services for the students namely,

LinkedIn Placements: Helping students who seek a job. This host common online assessment test for jobs in about 35 domestic and international companies, reported International Business Times.

LinkedIn Starter Pack: Will connect the startups and also small and medium businesses who seek a job, providing a chance to small businesses to create posts about vacancies in their firms, according to Business Standards. The pack is priced 99,000 per year, 60% discount for what LinkedIn charges.


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