More than 1 billion users all over 180 countries use WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family at anytime, anywhere. Now a days, the instant messaging service is rolling out many updates. Among them the two latest features are

One is ‘Speak’ feature – To the user’s surprise, WhatsApp came with the feature where the message can be read out aloud rather than viewing, which is sent by the sender. This ‘speak’ feature appears with options like Reply, Forward, Copy, Delete, and Message. According to the report on Times of India, WhatsApp is testing this ‘Speak’ feature.

The message can be read aloud by a tap on the Speak option. It would be nice to hear all messages read aloud especially lengthy messages. This will be soon available to all users.

WhatsApp new feature allows users to send videos as GIFs

At present, this can only be spotted on some iOS devices. Not all the iPhones are installed with this feature, but only a few are featured with this option.

In addition to this, it also added Scribble Tool on photos which are found in Snapchat; we can scribble and write text on pics. A front-flash feature on Front Camera enables us to clicks in dim or dull light to brighten selfies.

The second feature WhatsApp is Two Step Verification for additional security to your account. This is one of the several improvements recently. A six-digit code sent to your number via SMS will confirm user’s number. You can also create a six-digit password which works like the four digit password on Facebook. If Whatsapp is verified successfully, the user can enter the six-digit password to open the App.

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E-mail of user is asked, and it has to be verified while generating a new password. You can hit on ‘Forgot Password’ option and will receive an email to generate a new password if the user forgets his password.

End-to-End encryption is introduced earlier this year. It would be great if Whatsapp would give more feature like drawing tools with colors before sending the image and Emoji.