New Gadgets, New OS from Apple iOS 10 hail the Gadget Market Globally

Apple iOS 10 for iPhones and Televisions have been released. OS3 has released for Smart watches. In this article, we bring you the latest information on how to download them and use them. Updated version has a bunch of new apps.

Messages are now made more effective (invisible ink, gently, loudly, or slam), expressive. iMessage Apps, Handwritten, full screen, quick replies, digital messages (sketches, taps, heartbeats, etc.), new emoji effects, share and collaborate with friends, downloading options (stickers, photos, text bubbles).

Siri also got updated with its types of apps for sending, searching (images and photos), reading the text messages, Ride bookings, making payments, Fitness, and an automaker. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) will now available for Phone calls making.

New looking Maps will be available from now to guide the routes, marking appointments in a calendar. Face cam detection feature in iPhone will be used for grouping photos and videos. Easy sharing app will make friends, family members happier when compared to the past.

Security apps made more versatile now. One can share family and friends home access. Remote accessibility made so easy that Apple TV and iPad gadgets can be interconnected. Apple News is also available for the users on fingertips.

Now, iCloud Drive supports Desktop saved Documents and folders from macOS. With Apple’s Smart watches, watch faces, navigation and control music. Maps using Siri can be used in watches too. Wheelchair use is an additional feature that has been added.

TVs OS10 also has almost the same functions that are carried out in Siri. Remote keyboard for TV is something that is cherishable. With the help of a room kit of Apple, the individuals can have the controls in the room like switching off lights and fans, etc.


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