Long back in September 2009, Facebook and Twitter came with Mentions. Later this ‘Mentions’ has been updated to the maximum of all Social Networking sites including LinkedIn to enable the interaction easy and effective to the convenience of users.

Now, to your surprise, Whatsapp Messenger also joins the list. These mentions are live to the Whatsapp users with the recent new Andriod Beta Update. This Mentions feature is available with the Whatsapp Beta version 2.16.272.

The Mention feature (@) enables to quote a specific person in the groups. By using [email protected] symbol, we get a list of all the people who are present in that particular group. We can choose even a specific person by his starting letter of the user and text him back while in the group. One-to-One chats do not support this feature as only one person will only be present in the conversation.

Whatsapp Will Read Out Your Messages Soon

As Facebook has acquires Whatsapp in October 2014, Whatsapp has been getting updated with many new features. Formatted text in Whatsapp like Bold (*text*), Italic (_text_) and strikethrough (~text~) were introduced features. These features work even after mentioning a person in the message.

Reply/Quote option has made live recently to reply to a specific message. By holding on the message and a tap on the reply symbol, you can quote; that specific message will be embedded into the text box.

The most interestingly long rumoured upcoming “Video Calling” feature is suggested first on i0S and then to the Android users. This Whatsapp Video Calling feature will be available to Window Phone users along with i0S and Andriod users.

WhatsApp To Switch On Video Calling For Android beta Users And An Update Feature For Document Sharing

Well, the Video Calling feature may go live soon, but the date was not yet confirmed.

Google recently has tasted success with Google Duo. May be after some improvements, it is forecasted that Group video calling feature may also be live in future by Google.

We can’t expect Whatsapp Messenger with Video Calling feature as it doesn’t have a group calling feature like Facebook Messenger.