The South Korean electronics gadget manufacturer Samsung is taking no single chance in making the Galaxy Note 7 owners educated in regarding its safety measures.

Now, as the latest development, the company has announced some of the measures as how to identify the gadgets with safe battery. The new and improved battery has overcome the harm aspects that reported earlier.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Battery Safety Recall and Exchange Program for US Consumers Who Purchased Before September 15, 2023

A Guide has posted on official website of the company. Here we bring you an elaborated report as for how to identify the safe battery in Galaxy Note 7 devices.

A green colored square symbol of battery indication is provided which will glow in the status bar when the device is in Always-on display mode or power-off screen mode. This is the major factor that usually all the users ignored till date.

But from now, the buyers should be careful in observing before making their decision to purchase. Many casualties occurred, and damages reported due to the battery problem. On a major note, the Galaxy Note7 has been in the scanner in the US.

The company was forced to call for all the devices purchased on or before September 15th 2016 for a battery replacement. US government has also mentioned that it is not safe to use Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note7 Explosion Prompts New Lawsuit on Samsung

Samsung has then taken some steps to minimize the damages by suggesting not charging the battery more than 60%. But later, Samsung has called for a replacement program to completely replace the harmful and dangerous batteries for the devices sold.

Based on the IMEI or the serial number the users or the owners can make out whether they are eligible for the replacement program or not. The lithium batteries were used in the devices, and nearly 1 million devices expected to get the battery replaced.


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