World Tourism Day (WTD) is celebrated on 27 September annually and is celebrating its 36th year in 2016. This year the World Tourism Day theme commenced as “Tourism for All promoting universal accessibility.” Every year one country is selected by the General Assembly and hosts the World Tourism Day.

Very rare we notice each time when we travel our individual gesture makes a difference. Tourism keeps millions of people in jobs, taxes flowing to governments and enables economies around the globe to flourish. Tourism has played a key role in sustaining economies in several countries.

World Tourism Day is commemorated on 27th September every year by appropriate events on themes selected by the General Assembly. The timing of the day is considered as completely auspicious. It comes at the season of high end of the northern hemisphere and beginning of southern hemisphere when the tourism is flourishing worldwide.

World Tourism Day 2016 Themes and Quotes

Tourism is about more than money and jobs. When World Tourism Day was established at the third session of the U.N. World Trade Organization (UNWTO) General Assembly in 1979, it was seen as a milestone within the international community. Here in this page, we have given the World Tourism Day 2016 Images.

The entire world is excited about the World Tourism Day, which mainly focusing on the ability of tourism. This year, Thailand will be hosting the national level festivities of the day. Every country celebrates the tourism day more enthusiastically.

This day is a global observance to highlight the social, political, cultural and economic values. UNWTO invites people of all ages and backgrounds to hold and take part in the celebrations in their respective countries. Here you can download the World Tourism Day HD Wallpapers