Download and Install UPI App and Do Cash Less transactions Upto One Lakh

RBI Governor gifts UPI App which helps to do a cashless transaction. NCPI (National Payments Corporation of India) got ready and introduced UPI app (Unified Payment Interface) where you can do bank transaction with you Smartphone.

Raghuram Rajan says by using UPI App, and you can do endless transaction up to one lakh just with your Smartphone. UPI is integrated with all 29 Banks app. By using your unique virtual address created by the time of your registration in UPI.

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NCPI has worked on UPI development since Feb 2015 under Nandan Nilekani, the former chairman of UIAI and co-founder of Infosys.

What are the Uses of UPI App

After registering in UPI app with your bank, it will generate a unique virtual address that will map with the mobile phone. And also the user can transact money with friends, family, merchants and even with delivery boys that avoid cash transactions. It seems that UPI App is equivalent to Bank Apps having IMPS (Immediate Payment Service).

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How to get UPI App on you Smartphone

  • Download UPI application from PlayStore
  • Install on the phone
  • Set app Login
  • Create a Virtual Address
  • Add your Bank Address
  • Set M-PIN
  • Start transacting using UPI

Advantages of Using UPI App

  • Real-time settlement of funds
  • Send money using virtual ID
  • No need to share or remember account details
  • Add multiple bank accounts on the same application

Note: UPI (Unified Payment Interface) allows users to transact as low as from ₹ 50 and to high ₹ 1 Lakh

Download Official UPI at Google PlayStore and We will give updates if any.