Blood Moon: Stunning Pictures Show Moon turning into Bright Red Over New York
Is this Mars in Manhattan? The Moon just looks like Mars in the sky. This spectacular moment where the moon turned blood red and looked like an Apple happened in the USA.

New-Jersey based photographer Jennifer Khordi finally captured the moment she had been waiting for a long time and the result that came out was breathtaking.

These amazing pictures were captured by Khordi at the World Trade Center by calculating the trajectory from that vantage point in New Jersey. Using Photographer’s Ephemeris, she took the amazing images from 25 miles away from New York City, describing it as “one of the most amazing things I have ever seen”.

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The semi-professional photographer shared series of photographs of the incredible natural phenomenon of the moon rising behind the World Trade Center, Manhattan on Facebook and Instagram.

‘I’ve been shooting the moon for two years now, and I knew the exact minute the moon would be behind the building.’ She said. Khordi also added that “I have always wanted to get this shot,” she said, adding: “The moon is a fickle beast!”
The photographs that were shared by Khordi have a hit on the social media with massive likes and appreciations.

Khordi reacts to the comments made by naysayers, and she welcomes them to check the back of the camera display that she used.

In September last year, few sky-watchers around the world got a treat when the shadow of Earth cast of reddish glow on the moon.

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The Blood Moon may be the warning of the “Earthquake” and worse to come. Bizarrely, the narrator suggested that, the New York blood Red Moon could be linked to yesterday’s earthquake. He also added,” Let’s have a look at those photos…that right here says something then we have all these earthquakes that have gone on around the world - something’s going on folks.”

People had mixed opinion about Blood Moon and some are convinced this as a Prophecy.


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