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Prisma Photo App on iOS Supports Video Filters, Android Users Can Expect Soon

The photo editing app Prisma uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the neural network for turning your photos into best. Prisma released this year in the month of June. Surprisingly in less than first few weeks, this app got one million downloads and gained more popularity across the world. Later in Mid July, Android version hits officially on Google PlayStore. This time, better results came for the Prisma Android App, more than 1.7 million users downloaded Prisma in first 24 hours.

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Developers keep working on this app and making a gradual progress each time. A new bunch of filters added in the application. So far best improvement is offline mode available to the app. After teasing from many days, Prisma app has now put an end to those teasers and released Prisma Video feature for the iOS users.

Prisma App is now Introducing Video!

A team of Prisma is excited to bring out this new feature. Turn your memories into the cool artworks with the unique video styles included in the app.

The users can shoot 15 seconds video or pick up the required video from gallery through the Prisma camera, then add the artist touch to it. Proceed to apply filters, and processing done locally even without your internet connection.

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You can download the Prisma latest iOS App from the Apple App Store. This application is available under Photo & Video Category. To make the confirmation for the whether it was the latest or not, make sure the updated date must be on Oct 06, 2023 and Version 2.6. This application is about 130 MB size to download.

The official seller of this app is Prisma Labs, Inc. and available in English and Russian language.

Currently, this feature is available for iOS only. Soon it will come to Android users too. Prisma is about to include GIF support in its forthcoming update. The new GIF feature with the looped video will be available soon in coming weeks. We can expect the update later this month.

Prisma to get Video Support Soon

Prisma , the AI based photo editing app  is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. The App enhances your photos to modern mimic view using Artificial Intelligence technology. Photo editing app got with 34 artistic filters with correction options in detail. The popularity of the app is so high that servers are getting down, and users are experiencing delays. Now the developer announced the video version of the app and released a demo recently.

Prisma offers and excellent artistic features even in its recently released video version too. The app provided ‘save’ button to save the edited image instantly in the recent update. Below is the video sample of the artistic view published by Prisma.

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A video is usually referred to a series of photos that are played at high speed. Prisma spilt those frames and edited it manually. This artificial technology app is developed by Russia-based Prisma Labs. Although Prisma is not good at accuracy, it comes with a good artistic view.

Prisma enhances the video with an artistic look, while the audio remains same.
Video occupies much more space on the server, and the cost may go high to the company. In spite of no adds for Prisma app, and the video version might be limited to premium customers. However, the photo version of the app remains free for all. There is no info regarding the availability date of these new features.

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In spite of the huge craze and standing as the best photo editing Application of recent times. Prisma has been criticized for its slowness in functioning.Developers are saying that since millions of users are using the App at the same time may be the reason for the Application to be not accurate.Whatever the reason might be, As a true Prisma Fan I hope the makers should concentrate on fixing it as soon as possible.

Prisma for Android is now Available Officially

Finally, the long wait comes to an end. Prisma, the Smart Photo filter application had been made available to Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.It was first released exclusively for iOS users.Within a short span of time, the Photo Editing Application went viral and gained enormous popularity.It had taken the iOS store by a storm and the servers slowed down showing the craze of the App.

Android users had downloaded the Unauthorized APK versions unable to control the curiosity for the Photo filter application.Recently the Beta version of the Prisma was released but after testing its functionality was disabled by the developers.

5 Best Apps Relates or alternate to Prisma for Android 2016

Prisma stands unique among the other photo editing apps by not limiting just with that boring effects and filters.  It is proven that Prisma gained a generation of photo editing apps by the combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence. You need to concentrate all on final output how it comes rather than the internal process. Finally, Prisma is an Impressive series, and its download records say all about it.

Prisma for android free download

Prisma came up with a very simple user interface adjusting focus and lighting options. But the app lacked room for the default camera options like HRD, Zoom, Timer, which are quite negligible in an app concern. The App got with 34 artistic filters surpassing the conventional photo editing tools with correction options in detail.

The App didn’t come up with a real involvement in the accuracy of the picture, but with good art making. It’s highlighted with some of its unique features like the intensity of the effect can be reduced by dragging a finger down on the image.

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It is featured with “save artworks automatically” button to auto save the creation.  After taking a picture, users can share their art to Instagram, Facebook or any other social network with just a click.

Prisma offers an excellent range of artistic filters which some are good for faces, and some are good for landscapes. The app bedecks the picture with a watermark and anyway it has an option to turn it off in settings.

Now as said by the developers the app is now available for both iOS and Android users which can be downloaded at their respective play stores at free of cost .There are many fake Prisma apps that are misleading users.So we are providing the Official Google Play-store link for downloading the Prisma Click here

5 Best Apps Relates or alternate to Prisma for Android 2016

Prisma is the latest phone editing application which enhances the images with abstract effects and filters. The users can even directly share on the social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram and others. Prisma app got installations like never before, and the application is available for the Apple devices only.

The Prisma App contains the Free Picture Effects & Cool Image Filters that can be applied to the images captured from the camera and even from the gallery. Start capturing and make some impressive artworks with the Prisma.

The application can be installed on the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The main drawback is, the most user based version of Android application is yet to release officially. The Android users are eager and desperate to get Prisma like apps for Android on their devices. The beta version of Prisma has spread across the internet unofficially. Later the developers blocked the usage of the application and it says “Thanks for using the Prisma Beta Version and now wait for the official release”.

Prisma apk Download is Now Available beta app for Android

The users addicted to the Prisma application and before the release of the beta version, users searched for the Prisma alternatives. Some of the applications are available on the Google Play Store that is relatively similar to the Prisma Application. We are listing few Apps like Prisma that can be downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone.

 Photo Lab

Photo Lab is an app which boasts the images with stylish and photo effects and filters which are available more than 500 effects it is one of the Apps like Prisma. It makes your image looks more creative without the help of the professional photo editor like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.  With just simple clicks you can edit and upload the images to the social networking sites, and even you can set those images as the wallpaper or as the contact icon.

Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo is another significant and impressive camera app that is similar to Prisma. With this app, the users can apply some cool effects and artistic effects to the new and existing photos. With the straightforward and easy steps, the photos can be transformed into the cartoons, oil paintings and other abstract images which are similar to the filters that exist in Prisma. The users can use the filters for the pictures that exist in the gallery. The images can be saved after applying the required effects and filters to the pictures with the single touch.

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Pixlr is one of the leading and best-downloaded apps in the photo applications category. The users can unlock the creativity with the Pixlr. This photo editor application is completely free, and it captures any moment and able to add the beautiful filters and combination of cool effects and filters. Once you are done with the editing, the direct sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites is directly enabled on the application. The application is available on the Google Play store, and the application link is provided here. Download Pixlr and start exploring your talent and creativity.


PicsArt is the photo application which is downloaded and installed more than 250 million times on the Android platform. This is one of the best photo editing application which can be done through the online preference. Creativity is just more than the photo filter, and PicsArt has many things which can be used for the picture editing purpose. The user can edit and create the stunning images with the available filters. You can also download the many other filters and effects from the online.

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Super Photo

Super Photo is the photography and camera application designed and developed by Moonlighting Apps LLC. This application is used to create the fantastic effects for your photographs. The photos are unique and different with the outstanding effects and filters that are present in the application. The photos can be imported from the gallery for editing, and even you can also use the photos from the Facebook gallery. Apart from the editing, you can also use the existing features like brushes, textures, frames, combos, etc. For the future use of the tools, you can even bookmark the images.

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