Dussehra 2017: Want to know about Dussehra Celebrations in the Different States in India? We have got some survey information on celebrating Dussehra in differents forms in different traditions. Right from our childhood, we celebrate the festival in the same pattern what our ancestors taught us. Do you know many states in our country do not celebrate this festival in our style? Not only in our country, but other countries also celebrate this festival in a great way by sending Dussehra Images and Pics Via Social Sites.

They have separate traditions customs, and the story behind the festival. Have a look at this article of people celebrating Dasara in different shades. If you are impressed with any other states festival celebrations, just pack your bags and stop over by the state and enjoy your vacation with elegant Dasara celebrations.

Dussehra in West Bengal

It is one of the best places to celebrate the festival especially at Kolkata. We can see special kind of happiness all over the city at the Dussehra time. Whenever we heard about Kolkata, we remind about Kolkata Kali. The large idol placed in the city. They celebrate this festival for the death of mahishasura by Lord Durga. They celebrate festival extraordinarily from 6th day to 10th day. In these days they conduct many pandals and Pooja and enjoy the festival to the sky limits.


Dussehra in Uttar Pradesh

They celebrate this festival for the death of Ravana by Rama. On the day starting they plant some barley seeds in the ground, on the 9th day if they see the sprouts on the plant they consider it as luck. The important place in Dussehra time is banks of Ganga River. You must enjoy the beauty of river on the 10th day night. Taking a holy dip on this day give you health and prosperity. Same traditions followed in the Haryana, Punjab, Uttrakhand, and Kashmir.


Dussehra in Madhya Pradesh

They celebrate this festival on killing Ravana and return of Rama to Ayodhya on this day. On the 10th day night, they arrange large Ravana idol and people will burn the idol with the arrow. They perform Ram-Leela on this day. People are in the festival mood on these ten days.


Dussehra in Himachal Pradesh

Kullu Valley is the most beautiful place in India. It looks more beautiful at the Dussehra time. In the 17th century, their king placed the Raghunath idol on this day. From that day onwards they are celebrating Dussehra.


Dussehra in Karnataka

It is the major place we have to visit at the time of Dasara. They celebrate this festival under the name of naddahabba. Mysore looks more elegant on these ten days. The celebrations start from Mysore palace.

Here Elephants decorated beautifully; many dances are performed on the streets of Mysore. Palace is filled with eye flashing lights. At this, many foreigners will attend to the palace to see the beauty of the palace.


Dussehra in Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Here 9th day of Navratri known as Saraswathi pooja. They conduct Golu at this time. It means dolls exhibition. By representing dolls, they narrate a story. This golu are eye feasting to us. They end this festival by celebrating Vijayadashami on the occasion of the death of mahishasura.


Dussehra in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

In AP they celebrate this Dasara on a grand scale. Vijayawada is the famous place for this festival. There is a story that after killing mahishasura, Lord Durga came to this hill and settled here.

In some parts, they celebrate this on occasion on returning Pandavas to the kingdom. So they pray Shami tree on this day. In Telangana, they celebrate bathukamma grandly. It is their state festival, and it is celebrated for ten days.


Celebrations in different countries:

In countries like Myanmar, Thailand and Nepal they celebrate this day on occasion of Buddha got enlightenment. There is a story that Lord Buddha got enlightened under Bodhi tree on this day.


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