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Virtual Reality Stuns Shoppers, As It Makes Its Way in the Field of Shopping

Shopping is the term we all get excited for, though it is tiring we love shopping. We would have never imagined such a thing called Virtual Reality shopping, where one can sit at home and purchase things they like. A recent news stunned everyone, where an employee of Sharp Corporation designed a virtual reality system that allows a customer to shop sitting at home.

Sharp is a Japanese Multinational Corporation that have expertise in designing and manufacturing electronic products. It has been 105 years, of the company in the industry. With all advanced and well equipped products, it is the most trusted among other industrial brands.

The system will allow the customers to experience, the feel of shopping without leaving home, the company is focusing on developing the system by using Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality that will help the customers feel that they are right inside shop. The system will be launched with full specification in the year 2020.

Well, it looks like a long wait, with everyday advancement in technology, this came to our expectations, when such systems are released in market, there are lot of competitions striking back with force, it will be a must watch competition with all other technology sectors joining the race.

The world is improving from 3G, 4G and now to 5G, so fast is the pace of competition. The project will be handled by “Team S”. Akira Takashima, president of team S, said, “The system will allow consumers to virtually drop in at shops and buy goods they choose. By using VR, 5G and AI, we’d like to create a next-generation online shopping platform.”

The system will allow customers to virtually order products and communicate effectively by installing several cameras in the store. After wearing the goggles, they will be allowed to see the store in a 3D format and can place their order verbally and get it delivered.

The company is all set to conduct its first verification test on July 25, along with participation of some local shops. After, its successful verification the complete version will be launched in 2020. Are you excited to experience this yet? Let us know in the comments below.

How did the Chinese Internet Giant Utilise Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Chinese Tech Giant Baidu, which is a well known Chinese search engine and provider of other digital services and products has announced that they will be bringing up the artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine Learning in the prevalent business sectors.  Since, China has two times more population than US has , so banking upon that,and simultaneously using the data from the 731 million internet users, Baidu can get a lot of useful information to improve the algorithm of their tools.

While the company is majorly focussed on AI and machine Learning,  Baidu is planning to implement the technology in their office and currently makes use of the facial recognition technology to avoid using standard ID cards along with this, people can order tea from the vending machine just by the machine detecting the face.

In Jan’2017, Baidu recruited one of the top AI expert Lu Qi as their  COO, Lu Qi was previously working as a Microsoft executive. Even though he didn’t stay in company for long, he made a clear strategy for the companies AI operations for future.

The Top Ways in which Baidu is incor machine Learning and AI

  1. Voice Assistant-  DuerOS

Baidu’s voice assistant, DuerOS uses all the resources available through its search engines making it better at conversational skills as compared to Siri, Alexa and Cortana. To improve their stance in the innovation sector, Baidu aims at partnering with other tech companies. They have already implemented DuerOS on many devices by collaborating with almost 130 partners for TV, refrigerators, and speakers where the technology can be implemented for better usage. Since, Alexa, Echo, and Cortana are designed only according to American households so DuerOS has more chances of globalization in India, Japan, Europe, and Brazil as these households are somewhat similar to China. Baidu at CES 2018 debuted its Little Fish VS1 which is a DuerOS powered Smart Screen which can recognize and respond to many individual faces.  

  1. Mobile partners

In the present world AI plays a major role, hence it is obvious that AI  has been opted to be one of the core key players in driving the innovation from the company’s perspective. Baidu and Huawei are in the talks to partner  to develop an open mobile platform for AI to support its Ai powered Qualcomm processors and smart phones, to optimize the DuerOS for all the IoT devices in existence.

  1. Self driving cars

Even though automatic cars are banned in China, under a program called Apollo, Baidu is giving it’s  AI technology to car manufacturers in exchange of data to improve their AI algorithm.

  1. Medical Sector

By applying the Deep learning based algorithm doctors can detect even the minutest of cancer cells. This algorithm has reduced the number of false positives and better tumor detection. Computer vision to detect medical issues is best way of AI application.

With the governments and citizens support  Baidu might achieve its goal of proper AI algorithm much early for a long-term success. What do you think about the company’s perspective? Let us know in the comments down below!

Rahul Gandhi Visits Silicon Valley to expand Artificial Intelligence in party’s vision documents

Rahul Gandhi Visits Silicon Valley

Indian National Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi headed to the US to meet the pioneers of research on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Mr. Gandhi has recently returned from Norway and is now gearing up to visit Silicon Valley in the US this time. The closest party sources say that the Rahul Gandhi Visits Silicon Valley to expand his thoughts about artificial intelligence.

Rahul Gandhi desires India to lead in the science which machines think like humans. The Niche is at the very beginning state and comes after IT development in India which has already gained global recognition. While AI is in emerging state in India, many countries like China are investing to strengthen the research on it.

Xiaomi smartphone sales cross 25 million milestone in India: Sells 916 units Per Minute

A senior Congress leader said that the idea behind Rahul Gandhi Visits Silicon Valley is to implement AI in the Congress party’s vision documents.

The INC Vice President met leaders in the field of biotechnology back in his visit to Norway. The party’s sliding electoral graph is to be monitored after a series of defeats. Also, the party is set to lose Himachal Pradesh to the BJP in the upcoming state assembly poll. anti-incumbency

The party is sliding down by sentiments and is in fighting the state elections of Himachal Pradesh. While the Gujarat elections preparations are gearing up for later this year, former chief minister Shankarsinh Vaghela walked out of the Congress.

Also, the Congress Vice President will also address a conference ‘India At 70: Reflections On The Path Forward’ at the University of California, Berkeley, on September 11. The National party believes Rahul Gandhi Visit to Silicon Valley will bring the technological enhancements to the party vision.

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Microsoft Introduces Skype Lite App for Android in India

The latest technologies are specially made for mid and low range smartphones. In India, there are many affordable smartphones that can handle the majority of apps and games well. There are some low range smartphones still running on slower data connection speed which is impossible to run many apps.

Facebook Lite runs on slow data connection which is launched in 2015 and now Microsoft- owned Skype has also joined by introducing Skype Lite which is cleaner, simpler and lighter version of its original telephony services.

Skype Lets You Make Calls without an Account and More Easier than Before

Skype Lite is exclusively launched for India on 22nd February. It is 13mb in size and includes all services like texting, video calling, voice calling and Skype bots.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announced Skype Lite for India at Microsoft’s Future Decoded Conference in Mumbai. It has been designed as the fastest and smallest app which consumes less data, for users in India.

“Skype Lite is designed to deliver a great Skype performance in challenging network conditions, use less data, less power and enable more users to take advantage of free Skype to Skype calls. It is available in seven local languages: Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu,” mentioned in a Blog post.

Microsoft is Working on Messaging app called Skype Teams

The company has announced about the amalgamation of Aadhaar number on the app from June 2017. This helps in verifying the identity of unknown callers where identification verification is required, including job interview, goods, and property sale.

Skype Lite featured tracking data usage that tells the user about how much data was used and also categorized the internet usage into two sections—the amount of mobile data or wifi used while using the Skype Lite app.

Microsoft has using the Artificial Intelligence-based algorithm to differentiate between important and junk messages. It segregates all messages into three categories: Normal text messages, Skype Messages, and Promotional texts.

It also allows the user to share multimedia files without downloading them to the device. Microsoft introduces the dark theme for this app for users to work in the night without straining the eyes. You can now download the Skype Lite for Android on the Google Play store.

Google launched an Artificial Intelligence-Powered Home Speaker

Google has announced the launch of voice-activated shopping device on Thursday. This new Google Home device is artificial intelligence-powered one and will be challenging Amazon’s Alexa devices.

Users can place an order by telling the order to the speaker. Just say items like paper towels, trash bags, diapers, etc. you’ll get delivery from the dozens of retailers in the participation.

Google Assistant Soon to be Available on Non-Pixel Smartphones

“If picking up paper towels or stocking up on coffee is on your list, consider it done,” says, David Wang, Product Manager at Google Assistant. “To help you keep up with your busy schedule and shop for the things you need, we’re introducing shopping with your Google Assistant on Google Home.” He added.

The service teams up with the search engine giant’s delivery wing, Google Express. Google Expres US retailers include Whole Foods Market, Walgreens, Costco, PetSmart, Bed Bath & Beyond. Consumers can add payment details to their accounts to facilitate voice-activated shopping. Similar kind service is observed in Amazon’s devices powered by the digital assistant called Alexa. It is also expected that this Google Home device will give a tough competition to Amazon’s Alexa.

Google Pushes HTTPS-based Web Security Measures

“Today is just the beginning of what’s possible for shopping with the Google Assistant. Over the coming months, we’ll continue to add new features and enable purchases for other apps and service.” Wang said.

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