Data Transmission Just by a Human Touch

Panasonic has developed a new data transmission system in Japan. The new device can exchange information over a human touch. A prototype of a human body was created which communicated with the device to send data up to 100Kbps through a radio field on a person’s skin. Data will be exchanged when they touch a person or an object with a suitable trans-receiver.

The device is on for an exhibit in a show at CEATEC electronics show through several color-coded demonstrations. For instance, a person can hold a color-coded ball. Data on the color of the ball is sent to the lamp, and it changes color to match when they touch a sensor connected to lamp.

Password sent via Human body is Safer than Air

The demonstrations are simple and proved the system works. Panasonic predicts that the new data transmission system will serve more practical purposes in future like exchanging contact information with people over a handshake or unlocking door by just placing a hand on a door knob.

However, the technology from Panasonic still has a long way to go for getting into a practical application like a smartphone or a wristwatch. Panasonic is confident about making the product on a smaller scale if there is a demand for such system.


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