The UN’s Highest Court has rejected the suit filed by the tiny Marshall Islands to claim India for failing to stop the Nuclear arms race. “The court upholds the objection to jurisdiction raised by India and finds that it cannot proceed to the merits of the case,” Judge Ronny Abraham told the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

The country with 55000 people has taken Britain, India and Pakistan to court, arguing that they have failed to comply with 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Initially, the lawsuit was even more ambitious which also includes China, North Korea, France, Russia, United States and Russia.

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What is Non-Proliferation Treaty?

The treaty on non-proliferation of the nuclear weapons is known as Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). It is an international treaty whose intention is to prevent the spread of weapons technology and nuclear weapons. It aims to promote corporation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

The treaty recognises five countries as the nuclear-weapon states such as the United States, France, Russia and China. The four other countries believed to possess nuclear weapons are India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea.

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The Marshall Islands, whose territory was used for the dozens of the atomic-bomb test by the United States after World War II. The Marshall Islands has a long and bitter history with nuclear weapons making it one of the few nations that can show with the reliability of International Court Justice (ICJ) about their impact.

On the Marshall Islands, the effects of nuclear tests were too real. So many islanders are forcibly evacuated from the ancestral islands while thousands of more people are exposed to radioactive fallout.