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Artificial Intelligence can Identify the Skin Cancer

Artificial Intelligence can Identify the Skin Cancer

Stanford University researchers said artificial intelligence can detect the skin cancer same as like the dermatologists. Victims can receive diagnosis through a Smartphone.

The researchers have made a database of nearly 130,000 skin disease images and trained their algorithm to visually diagnose potential cancer. From the first test, it is showing good accuracy.

They asked 21 dermatologists to diagnosis different skin diseases as well as they are also checking with AI. The AI shows the same performance same as like as the dermatologists.

Sebastian Thrun, an artificial intelligence professor in Stanford said “We realized it was feasible, not just to do something well, but as well as a human dermatologist.”He also said this is not a class project for students, and this is the opportunity to do something great for human race.

Next level Artificial Intelligence Would Read Stories Based on Images, Just like Humans

Ever year in the United States, doctors are finding 5.4 million new skin diseases cases. In the earlier stages of cancer the melanoma is about 97%, and it will gradually fall to 14% in last stages. In skin cancer, early detection is crucial. Giving treatment at early stages can reduce the cancer.

In diagnosing skin cancer, first of all, dermatologists look at the suspicious part through dermatoscopy, which is a handheld microscope, it provides low-level magnification of the skin.

This deep learning algorithm also follows the same process like dermatologist. This deep learning algorithm has great history, and recently only the scientists are using this algorithm and seeing great success.

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Andre Esteva, the co-lead author of the paper, said we made a very powerful machine learning algorithm, which learns from given data. He also said, “Instead of writing into computer code exactly what to look for, you let the algorithm figure it out.”

This algorithm scans each image as the raw pixel with an associated disease label. When compared to other algorithms, this one is little processing because it has to sort the data before classification.

Due to this artificial intelligence, our Smartphone will become the doctor to detect the disease.

Honda to Show Case its AI bases Electric Car Detects ‘Human Emotions’ at CES 2017

Honda to Show Case its AI bases Electric Car Detects ‘Human Emotions’

Honda the Japanese Car manufacturer has come up with the best way to interact with human and the car which can feel emotions. The company will be unveiling the new car called “NeuV” in Las Vegas early 2017 at Consumer Electronics Show.

According to the Honda. This is a concept automated EV commuter vehicle featured with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) called ‘emotion engine’. It creates in exploring the new possibilities for the human interaction and the new value for the customers.

Honda Says “Connecting the power of artificial intelligence, big data and robotics to transform the mobility experience, and Honda announced today that ‘Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem’ will be the theme for its participation at 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.”

Next level Artificial Intelligence Would Read Stories Based on Images, Just like Humans

The users who are attending this event will have the access to hands-on demo of the vehicle. Honda mentioned that it would be automated and specifically designed for commuters.

Honda is will always feature with the interactive and immersive experiences that are designed to showcase the future technology and the path towards the redefined mobility experience. Says Honda.

The Press conference at CES, which is going to be held on 5 January 2017 will give you the feature keynote address from Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, President and CEO of Honda R&D. Yoshiyuki is going to unveil this new concept vehicle which demonstrates the application of the company’s robotic technology.

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Stay tuned for the more information about the unveiling of NeuV, and make a note about the showcase date January 5, 2017, at 11:00 AM PST. Apart from the showcasing of this vehicle, Honda is going to announce their collaboration with the global brands and the startups.

Google’s AI Experiments help you to Appreciate Neutral Networks

Google AI Experiments let to Play with Neutral Networks

Google is known for its unique experiments with web technology. The company has featured thousands of creative web applications by using its web technology.  Today a lot of Google products use Machine Learning to serve its users for a better experience.

A Google AI experiment is a showcase for just simple experiments that lets anyone can play with this technology through drawings, pictures, etc.

If you want to know how neutral networks add details to your photos, translating languages and how they function??? Sure Google will help you in this. It has come up with the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) site which has a bunch of demonstrations of machine learning and AI.

Google Introduced the Photo Scan App, Turn your Old Photos into Digital Images

You can explore Machine Learning by playing with language, pictures, code, music and much more. The idea of Artificial Intelligence is just simply cool where you have to download codes to see how it works. Currently, there are eight features of Google AI, they are:

  • Giorgio Cam
  • Quick, Draw
  • Infinite Drum Machine
  • Bird Sounds
  • Thing Translator
  • A.I Duet
  • Visualizing High-Dimensional Space
  • Neutral Networks

Giorgio Cam: This is an experiment which lets you make music with the computer by just taking a picture. Giorgio Cam uses image recognition to label what it sees, and it turns those labels into lyrics of the song.

Quick, Draw: It is just built with machine learning. If you a draw some picture, the neutral network tries to guess what you are drawing. It’s just like a simple game and how you can use machine learning in a funny way.

Infinite Drum Machine: You can organize thousands of everyday sounds and also even make beats using drum sequencer.

Thing Translator: In this feature, you can take a picture of something, and you can also hear how to say it different languages.

Birds Sound: This experiment lets you organize thousands of bird sounds. In this, similar sounds are placed close together.

A.I Duet: This is an experiment which lets you make music through Machine Learning.

Visualizing High-Dimensional Space: It helps use to visualize what’s happening in the machine learning and also allow coders to use and explore their high-dimensional data.

Neutral Networks: In this experiment, you can turn on your camera to explore how each layer of the neutral works.

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Prisma Photo App on iOS Supports Video Filters, Android Users Can Expect Soon

Prisma App

The photo editing app Prisma uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the neural network for turning your photos into best. Prisma released this year in the month of June. Surprisingly in less than first few weeks, this app got one million downloads and gained more popularity across the world. Later in Mid July, Android version hits officially on Google PlayStore. This time, better results came for the Prisma Android App, more than 1.7 million users downloaded Prisma in first 24 hours.

Whatsapp New Update brings Snapchat like Camera Features

Developers keep working on this app and making a gradual progress each time. A new bunch of filters added in the application. So far best improvement is offline mode available to the app. After teasing from many days, Prisma app has now put an end to those teasers and released Prisma Video feature for the iOS users.

Prisma Video for iOS

Prisma App is now Introducing Video!

A team of Prisma is excited to bring out this new feature. Turn your memories into the cool artworks with the unique video styles included in the app.

The users can shoot 15 seconds video or pick up the required video from gallery through the Prisma camera, then add the artist touch to it. Proceed to apply filters, and processing done locally even without your internet connection.

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You can download the Prisma latest iOS App from the Apple App Store. This application is available under Photo & Video Category. To make the confirmation for the whether it was the latest or not, make sure the updated date must be on Oct 06, 2016 and Version 2.6. This application is about 130 MB size to download.


The official seller of this app is Prisma Labs, Inc. and available in English and Russian language.

Currently, this feature is available for iOS only. Soon it will come to Android users too. Prisma is about to include GIF support in its forthcoming update. The new GIF feature with the looped video will be available soon in coming weeks. We can expect the update later this month.

Samsung AI Inclusion Will Enhance the Gadgets with One of the Most Technological Advancements


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nowadays, a hot topic in gadgets world. Almost all the tech giant companies are running behind this technology implementation. In the recently announced gadgets, AI has a big role to play. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are making the use of this technology in all the possible ways in its products. Now, Samsung has implemented the same technology in its gadgets.

Google which has announced its gadgets just a few days back has implemented the AI to a fuller extent possible. Unlike other tech companies, Samsung is not just acquiring the technology, but it is acquiring the entire developing company itself.

Galaxy A8 2016 Not Yet Confirmed its Launch in Other Markets

Yes, it is rightly heard, Samsung is acquiring Viv. To remind, Viv entrepreneurs are the same who have sold Siri to Apple. On Wednesday that is on 5th Oct 2016, Samsung has announced the Viv acquisition. This will enable Samsung to compete with its competitors.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are a way ahead of Samsung in the AI usage. AI acts like a human alternative. Hence, this is a complete voice command based technology.

Google has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, Microsoft has Cortana and Google has Assistant as its AI. These includes in PC’s and Smartphones and WiFi devices.

Samsung has various products like Televisions, smartphones, Tablets and other communication devices. The implantation of Vis’s AI will be a huge boost to their technological advancements. Customers provided with a friendly and easy way of handling the sophisticated gadgets.

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Interestingly, Samsung has announced the acquisition of Viv. But it is tight lipped in other aspects of the acquisition. Details like the price paid for the acquisition and the implications that will taken after the process and so on.

In recent times, acquisitions and mergers are taking place at a high rate. Twitter is also waiting for a good bid. Once, a good quotation placed on Twitter’s board; it will announce its acceptance.

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