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Panoworks Virtual Reality Projectors Introduced

Till date, the viewers with their naked eye cannot experience the 3D view. Panoworks introduced 3D glasses for the Virtual reality. The Television and the mobiles have been facilitated with some of the technologies. One among them is the latest invention.

Japan’s electronics manufacturer Panoworks has tried something new regarding 3D viewing. It has replaced the traditional goggles for 3D view. The bulky headsets for the Virtual view also now come to an end as people can view with their naked eyes.

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A curved shaped screen paired with an HD laser projector for the 3D view. The Panoworks projector will enable a 150-degree field view which can transpose 360-degree experience. The screen in curve shape will be useful for the viewer as one need not turn his head around.

Image Source: ali213

Other features like hand gesture controls and touch screen facility, trackball or a rotator facilitated for the Virtual reality. Leap Motion and Kinect integration technologies used for handling the controls.

The 4K screen resolution with a 5.1 stereo surround system and stereoscopic 3D technology will be a soothing hearing experience. The video output can also upgrade with other device connections.

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Though the company has not yet announced the date of release and other details regarding its price and specifications. There is a lot of guesses in the gadgets world. Globally the launch is expected.

Image Source: ali213

However, the company has indicated that the VR projector will be budget friendly. This indicates that the price would be reachable by a common man.

The advanced technologies are in fact making the live of people more comfortable and lavish at cheaper costs. Mobile screens, laptops, and the televisions have accommodated with the virtual or the 3D viewing technologies. Now, the projector has placed in this category.