Diwali gift ideas

Do you have plans to surprise your beloved ones on this Diwali? Then check out these Diwali gift ideas. We have picked some best gift ideas which are suitable according to your taste.

Diwali means festival of lights. It is also known as Deepavali which is celebrated in almost all parts of India. Diwali is one of the major festivals in the country. In some places it is considered as the Hindu New Year.

We celebrate this festival on occasion of Narakusara death. He is a demon who troubled all the people. Finally, Satya Bhama, the wife of Sri Krishna has killed him. So on that day onwards we have a tradition of celebrating festival.

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Diwali is the good beginning. So, many people have the habit of exchanging gifts on this day. The gift is one of the memorable things. If you want to cherish your memories with your friends or relatives then it is a perfect time to present a gift. Check out the Deepavali unique gift ideas.

Major companies in India have the habit of gifting their employees, for them we have given corporate Diwali gifts. If you want to give something special then check these handmade Deepavali gift ideas. The gift made by your hands is more precious to your loved ones, so try it.

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Delicious Sweets and Snacks

No person will dislike this gift. Diwali is not only festival of lights it is also festival of sweets. You can also gift chocolate combo especially for children. By this gift your sweet day will become more sweeter.

deepavali gift ideas

Aroma Candles

On this brightest day gift these candles to your loved one. At present a wide variety of candles are available in the market. Just pick a impressive candle set and gift it

diwali candles

Decorative pieces

Everyone will decorate their houses on this festival day. So gift some decorate piece on this day. You can bring more sparkles in their house with your gift.

Diwali Decoration

Colorful Crackers

Everyone waits for whole year to enjoy the lights of crackers. So gift a pack full of crackers and enjoy the glow of festival.

Diwali crackers

 Traditional clay lamps

Spread the awareness of eco friendly with these traditional clay lamps and encourage all to use these lamps.

diwali clay lamp

Handmade Diwali cards

Greeting cards are very special. They convey our wishes in the form of card. Try to make a card with your own idea.

Diwali greeting cards

Gift hampers

Select a pack of gifts like sweets, dry fruits and chocolate and gift to your loved ones. It looks simple and cute.

diwali gift hampers

Gift vouchers

For this festive season we have many offers in all departments. So present them gift voucher to shop their favorite one

Gift vouchers

Idols of ganesh and lakshmi

On Diwali every one do pooja at home, so gift them theses idols. At present in market, Idols are available in different metals and colors, so choose the best one.

Idols of ganesh and lakshmi

Ethnic wear and Jewellery

Every girl loves jewellery and dresses. So gift your friends or relatives according to their taste.

Happy Diwali gift cards


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