Another blow to the online ADs as leading Internet Browser Opera expands its ad-blocking tool to all mobile platforms. The company announced that their new feature would be available for Opera on IOS, Windows and Android.

This is the second step taken by the Browser enterprise to accomplish their mission of ad-free content to users, following the ad-blocker on Opera for computers last month.

Nuno Sitima, SVP Mobile Browsers, Opera stated that “Users are demanding ad blockers because of the better browsing experience it offers.”

He expressed that “Opera users can speed up their mobile surfing, skip extra data charges and stretch their internet packages even further by blocking in the browser intrusive and data-wasting ads and massive tracking.”

Opera’s ad-blocker -A Curse For Free Websites

The company claims that the intrusive ads increase the loading time of the browser which ultimately decreases the speed. The ad-blocker with its compression feature prevents the advertisements at the initial level thereby eradicating the loading issues. On an average, the new opera with ad-blocker for Android works 14 percent faster than Chrome. The average amount of data used by the Opera with Ad-blocker is 229Kb, which is 84% less than the standard browsers.

This act of Opera introducing the ad-blocker received a lot of criticism from many free websites. They also argued that they are providing users with a lot of useful information for free, and their primary source of revenue is coming from these Ads. They expressed their anguish by displaying a message on their homepage asking users to disable the ad blocker to access their websites.

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To turn on the ad-blocking feature in Android phones, users should Go to O menu, click on Settings > Data savings > Block ads.

For IOS platform users should Open Opera Mini on their iOS device, Click on the O menu, open the Data Savings Summary > Opera Turbo > Block ads.

To activate Ad-blocker, Windows mobiles users just tap on the O menu, then go to Settings > Block ads.


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