Gadget lovers always want to change their smartphones in seeking advanced features. Some love sticking to one particular brand and shows their loyalty. Many of the iPhone users want to enjoy the features of Android on their IOS device, which is impossible but not now. All you need is a unique 3D-printed iPhone case to make it work.

Nick Lee, CTO at Tendigi had developed an excellent case for having Android on Apple’s iPhone. He’s famous for putting different & weird operating systems on Apple devices. One of such is the installation of Windows 95 on an Apple Watch which made him famous.

He has been working on the project of getting Android on IOS and revealed the specially designed iPhone case. Although the project is not practically proved for using in reality, the concept is interesting.

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Lee has created a 3D printed iPhone case with a Lemaker HiKey board inside. It has a battery pack as well as some other hardware that supports Android version. The case is connected by a small plug into iPhone’s Lightning port which turns it into a touch display. The iPhone can show the Android OS, which was powered by the hardware in the case.

During the initial stages of developing the case was quite bulky, and looks much like a brick. Later on, he has cut its size by slimming the design and makes it to the scale of a standard smartphone case. Lee crafted the case with openings for HDMI, USB ports and an SD card slot. A thin and light sheet of the plastic cover has been placed on the hardware components of putting the phone on the top.

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Just connect the iPhone to the case by just plugging it into the phone. Open the Tendigi iOS application and it loads the custom Android version on iPhone’s display. It would work just like the Android smartphone.Though it may have some flaws but the idea and motive behind the Special 3D case was appreciable.


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