With all the elegance and heritage, Telugu states welcome the ‘Krishna Pushkaralu 2016’ beginning on August 12. Pushakaralu is been a very age old practice and pilgrims take a holy dip in the river Krishna. This year, the festival is going to attract lakhs of devotees from Andhra Pradesh and other states.

Government of Andhra Pradesh is promoting event as a representative of the culture and tourism by arranging Pushkar ghats and wide range of amenities. Government of Andhra Pradesh is fully committed to conduct this Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 mainly at two cities, Vijayawada and Guntur. Police department of both the states employed CCTV’s surveillance and special teams for inspection.

Indian railways has announced special trains for this event. State governments are working on the event since last 2- 3 months with concerning officers of the state. Bathing Ghats were arranged to have a holy dip in the river and many other safety measure were been initiated by the government. Vijayawada is been the main centre for the Krishna pushkaralu 2016 and a large no. of devotees gather to perform pujas and other rituals along with the dip. It is estimated that 3.5 crore piligrims will take part during the 12-day festival in 2004.

Government provided a resting shelter facility for the pilgrims in the name pushkara nagars. These pushkara nagars are established near important ghat points, where the traffic is expected to be high. A total of 38 pushkara nagars were established in and around Vijayawada city where more than 1 lakh piligrims are expected to visit. Parking facility is also made available for the convenience of the visitors. Government has launched a website and a mobile app to keep visitors updated about the event. This mobile app helps visitors to get updates about the traffic flow and plan their travel accordingly. Click here to know more information about Krishna Pushkaram.

Do’s and Don’ts at Krishna Pushkaram Ghats

Do’s :

  • Take a dip in the River Krishna only at the authorised Bathing Ghats mentioned in the list above.
    Pilgrims should take a dip at the bathing Ghat that is nearest to them to avoid traffic hassles during Krishna Pushkaralu.
  • Pilgrims must follow rules and regulations imposed at the Bathing Ghats as well as in and around the city to enable the smooth organisation and conduction of the festival.
  • It is imperative that people visiting the city and the sacred Ghats remain alert and vigilant. Unidentified and unaccompanied baggage must be reported immediately to the nearest police official or security booth.
  • Cleanliness and sanctity of the place should be maintained at all costs. Garbage and other kinds of refuse must be disposed off ONLY in dustbins.
  • Pilgrims should arrive at the bathing Ghats with minimum baggage. It is the pilgrims’ responsibility to take care of their belongings.

Don’ts :

  • Do not throw litter, bottles, clothes, flowers etc. into the river. Remember that you are worshiping the River as a goddess. It is a lifeline to our civilisation and hence must be given utmost respect.
  • Use of plastic bags and soaps is prohibited for bathing in the Ghats during Krishna Pushkaralu.
    Washing of clothes or relieving yourself openly in and around the bathing Ghats is prohibited during Krishna Pushkaralu.
  • Since the number of people visiting the venues will be large, it is better to be patient and wait for one’s turn to bathe than just pushing and shoving for a chance.

Emergency numbers

LandLine Numbers : 0866-2474700 ; 0866-2474701

Mobile Numbers : 7702201597;7702201598;9000705973;9866449521.