A group of more than 1000 miniature Dancing Robots simultaneously dance at a recent Qingdao International Festival in Shandong, China set a new Guinness World Record.

A Qingdao-based Ever Win company organised the red and white dancing robots event which doubled the previous record of 540 robots.

The Guinness World Records said that the 43.8 cm tall named QRC-2 dancing robots which were operated just by one mobile phone finished a full one-minute routine at the festival to count towards the record total.

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Few robots were disqualified as fell or failed to dance. But the record was set as 1,007 miniatures perfectly “bopped and shimmied” in unison.

Earlier this year the Ever Win Company & Ltd record was achieved by the Chinese Company UBTECH Robotics Corp. Angela Wu, the official Guinness World Records adjudicator, verified the new record on the site.

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According to the chief technology officer of Ever Win Company Quan Jinyou, the miniatures were equipped with a special encryption technology. The tech attempt was to reduce the radio frequency inference from close by mobile phones and Bluetooth devices.


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