Now Android users will receive the notifications when their Google account is added to the new device. Google is already sending the email notifications when the new device accesses the user Google account, but people are habituated to ignore the emails. So, for getting the user attention, Google pushes the notifications which are four times more effective than the routine email process. So, this is what Google will show the information about the devices from where got login your account.

For example, the new notification will pops the notification like “Did you just sign in?” You can dismiss or ignore the notification If Yes, if not then you can “Review Account Activity” button checking out the details of the new device.  With this intelligent act, Google gives you the chance to change your password, or you can enable the two-factor authentication if you are worried if someone else has accessed your Google account.

Google’s New ‘Stay in The Loop,’ Feature Notifies You Whenever Your Name is Mentioned On the Web

The feature will be expected to be live in one or two weeks, and this update will roll out to all the users via Google Play services.