Google's New ‘Stay in The Loop,' Feature

Search giant Google is now rolling out new feature “Stay in the loop,” for Google Search that sends you alerts whenever your name is mentioned on the web. ‘Stay in the loop’ will send a report to the registered Gmail ID when user’s name is searched. Guemmy Kim, Product Manager, earlier mentioned this feature in a Google’s blog post in June. Although it was not released at that time, screenshots of the feature were shown on the blog post.

The new feature works as long as a user is logged into Google and allows the search engine to save users’ web and app activity. On the Google home page at the bottom, one can see a widget which makes it easy to set up Google Alert to track searches of registered name. The feature is now going live on both iOS and Android devices. The feature is currently active in India.

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The feature is a sensible move by Google to one who would like to know what’s online about them. Since 2003, Google Alerts have been around. Users can adjust settings like email frequency, source types, languages, regions, whether to only send the best results and the email address to send alerts to.

How does the new feature works?

Click on the widget “Stay in the loop” on the home page, and you will be then directed to Google Alert form which already shows up your registered name in quotation marks. Then all you need to do is adjust the settings and finally switch on the “Create Alert.”