Google has added one more tool to its Cloud ML platform. This will enable the customer support of businesses to automate response to various aspects such as query and complainants solving. AI has provided the new platform to make intensive use of the latest technology by way of learning through machines.

Artificial Intelligence enables many user-friendly operations like gesture controls, decision making, and analysis through the data input feed. A beta version of Cloud Machine Learning was made available to all the businesses. The tool proved to be helpful in making heavy work done faster than earlier.

GoogleRebrands Their Business as Google Cloud Along With Apps as G Suite

The Search Giant company has officially stated on its blog regarding the tool and mentioned a couple of clients experiences by using the latest tool. Airbus Defense and Space are the two areas where this tool used successfully.

Both mentioned areas, images play a major role. This tool is used to automate, detect and analyze by correcting the images received from the satellite. Google has also started a machine learning advanced solutions lab to facilitate in solving the complex problems by identifying and implementing machine learning opportunities.

Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft Partnership on AI

For inviting the new talent to work on this platform, Google is introducing certification program. But this is at present available for internal Google working personnel.

Startup companies and other enterprise users can get benefits the latest machine learning tool. This clearly affects a large number of audiences when Google mainstreams this tool.

There is also an assumption that Google may announce today about the implementation of the advanced learning methods in its products like Docs, Drive, and Calendar. This step will provide the company to increase the productivity of the products.

On the other hand, Facebook has implemented the AI with the name bot. The AI Bot-building code has been shared publicly along with image recognition technology.