Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have shown on Saturday as for how strong the relations between the two countries. During the BRICS 2016 summit, both the leaders have stressed on the need to eradicate terrorism from their respective regions in Russia and India.

To be more elaborate on India-Russia relations strength, both the global leaders have signed at least 16 agreements related to defense and infrastructure developments.

BRICS Summit 2016 : Russia, India To Sign $5 Billion Missile Deal In Goa

Above all, the world attention made deal is S-400 Triumf. A $5bn (£4.1bn) worth deal of S-400 air defense missile system. It is one of the most talked and important agreements between the two countries.

Long range up to 400 KM air missile defense system will be an advanced armor inclusion in Indian Air Force. India will now be standing by the side of China and Syria. Surprisingly, China is the first foreign buyer of S-400 from Russia way back in 2015 itself.
India has now signed for the purchase of S-400.

This missile deal was though agreed to make in 2015 itself, and the deal was not signed. BRICS summit has been the dais for making the deal OK for both the countries.

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However, another major defense deal that is eye-catching is the Kamov 226T helicopters manufacturing. These light weight army helicopters can also be used for civilian transportation purposes in unfavorable conditions too.

Kamov 226T helicopters will be built in India from now. Officials stated that this is the first defense deal taken up under “Make In India” concept. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and Rostec State Corporation of Russia are the Joint companies that will undertake production.

The third and fourth Phase of Nuclear Plant construction in Kudankulam. A Nuclear Power Plant operation and other construction works are under way.


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