Exploring a new place is made easier than we can even imagine with Google Maps. It’s been long since Google had replaced handmade maps and radio shows for traffic. Now, an updated Google Maps for Android make it easier with a new handy home screen shortcut to locate the state of traffic near you in real time.

The new ‘traffic nearby’ feature is built to make Google Maps more efficient to drivers based on the company’s previous attempt. The feature gives you an idea about the crowded roads around your present location. This helps you to take the less traffic road when you’re planning to go somewhere.

There is no need of entering a destination or engaging “Driving mode” first, which indicates you about the road condition before you get stuck somewhere.

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Access to the ‘Traffic nearby’ screen is simple with just a tap after adding the shortcut icon to your home screen. You can find Maps in your launcher’s widget library and place the Maps icon wherever you wish to.

The recent hands-free support feature is also a part of Google’s efforts to make Maps much helpful for the drivers. You could use voice commands to find locations by the hands-free support and also to learn about the weather and to mark multiple waypoints on a single trip.

‘Traffic nearby’ feature isn’t available on iOS at the moment and will be rolled out soon.


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