Indian Railways as stated during the budget presentation has started their infrastructural development activities. As a part of the planning, the world’s largest passenger carrier, and goods carrier is moving towards digitalization of railway stations.

In the first phase and on the trail basis, Indian Railways has selected 2175 station and introduce the digital Cloud-Controlled TV displays. The infra structure for the installations will be taken up by the department itself.

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This pilot project covers the major railway stations like Varanasi, Gorakhpur, and other four stations. Rail Display Network (RDN) will be helpful in informing the passengers about the arrivals, departures, seat availability and platform berthing along with other details.

Around 2 lakh RDNs will be installed, and out of that 1 lakh, RDNs will relay the advertisements. The display screens will have both video and audio. Hence the RDNs will be almost like a television.

The investment is expected to generate a revenue of Rs.1,000 crores for the Indian Railways. Railtel and PSU of Indian Railway’s telecom are given the responsibility for providing the optical fiber laying works and other related infrastructure developments.

This is, in fact, the digital effect that is taken up by the Central Government of India in all the sectors. The bus stations in some of the states are implementing the same concept and are successful.

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It is also expected that all the stations will be updated soon with the same concept across India. It is also expected that there bullet speed trains that are being planned to replace some of the trains in some of the routes soon.

In the coming days, there are significant changes that are being planned by the Indian Railways.


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