After Uri attack, India government is considering all the options that are related to the eradication of the infiltration of terrorists across the border.

As a part of the options review, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has announced that the India-Pakistan border will be closed by 2018.

The decision is being implemented at a rapid speed. There is an agreement signed with Israel for this purpose. It is observed that the Israel has a strong border built around it. It is considered as one of the strongest and high security provided border.

Many countries in the world are facing the same problem as India with its neighboring countries. The United States is struggling to control the illegal entry from Mexico. It decided to build a 3,360 fence KM which is under construction.

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A border between Western Sahara and Southeastern Morocco is also an affective measure to stop entry between the two. The border built is 2,700 KM long.

A 700 KM long border between Iran and Pakistan is intended to block smuggling, drug mafia entry and terrorist’s entry into Iran from Pakistan.

Israel and Gaza has a 60 KM border size which intensifies the tensions between the two countries. Terrorist and Palestinians illegal entry was controlled with this high-security border.

Now, that India on a large scale is looking into the aspect of building a barrier between its neighboring country Pakistan.

India has a lengthy border of 3,323 KM of land border and a 740 KM marine border. Pakistan and its raised militants use both ways for infiltration. There is a huge loss in terms of Civilians life and Army men death with these terrorist activities.

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Use of advanced technologies like Sensors, Cameras, Drones, and Radars will be set up along the borders that are being and already built.

Analyzing the past loss of life of army men while patrolling and protecting the borders, the Indian government has announced the decision to modify and implement latest technologies in safeguarding our borders.

On the other hand, many experts think that seizing of borders will not be the solution for stopping terrorist and their activities. The Indian government has to think another big way for curbing this problem.


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