Eyes are the magical things, and sometimes you get deceived by what you see. The famous miniature photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez was commissioned to create the set of photos for the Audi R8 Sports car. He used his signature techniques to capture the realistic pictures of R8 using the miniature model, intelligent propositions, and careful camera angles.

Audi R8 Sports Car is about $160,000 and this photographer made with the miniature which costs $40. You must see these images shot by him. You will get astonished with his work. Have a look at it. The best part out of all is, he did not even used Photoshop. He used the proportions, lighting and in camera effects.

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Photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez Work on Audi R8 Sports Car Miniature

Earlier he has done other works, which are also outstanding too. More info: hernandezdreamphography.com


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