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Facebook Replaces its Old Desktop Inbox With the Web Version of Messenger

Soon, you may not find “inbox” in facebook messenger. The social networking giant is making a major push toward its web version of the messenger application. Facebook web messenger introduced a couple of years ago, is now replacing the traditional inbox concept with this. This new interface of the private chat application is going to change the present messaging experience.

As the change has been initiated across the world, users can spot the messenger icon at present. However, the change witnessing is something above the tests. The tests are presumably performed on local basis subjecting a particular sector of an audience.

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You’ll notice a few slight changes in the user interface when you upgrade the new Messenger interface on Facebook.com. As of now, the Messenger icon has replaced the previous inbox icon, and the change slowly takes place. Facebook hasn’t made any announcement regarding any change happening. Few users are demanding the old inbox interface to be returned.

PC: Techcrunch

“I do understand that some of you are not using either the Messenger app or Messenger.com. Maybe you don’t have a smartphone, maybe you just want to use Facebook products exclusively on your computer, and we do respect that,” says, Facebook head David Marcus.

Now Facebook is also Introducing Ads in Videos like YouTube

Discussing the new FB web messenger, it’ll redirect to Messenger.com directly when you click on it. “Messenger” on the left side of the screen lists those friends you had recently chatted with. The center of the interface will display the selected chat session.

The right-hand side of the screen provides access to other features in the Facebook, web messenger. Above that, it also displays the name of your friend in the selected chat. Other features in the new Facebook web messenger are edit nicknames, change emoji, change the chat’s color and mute notifications.

A link to the person’s Facebook profile is also provided for easy access. And just below that, you also observe photos shared with that person in Messenger. On the other hand, you also get a call, video call buttons to initiate calls and an “i” icon button.

Facebook Launches Messenger Lite for Android in 5 Countries

Have you tired of loading Facebook application due to the shortage of memory and slow internet access? Facebook has brought good news for the people who are using old mobiles. The latest announcement made by Facebook is that they are launching ‘Lite’ version of its mobile chat app.

Facebook mainly aims at emerging markets, where a massive number of people are still using old phones that don’t have enough memory or not having the ability to run full-featured application due to slower internet speed or other issues.

Facebook announced on Monday that they had launched Messanger Lite version on Android devices in Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Venezuela. The company did not announce any update about launching the Facebook Lite version in other countries. It also not given information whether it is coming for the Apple devices

‘Self Destruct’ will Delete Your Secret Message in Facebook Automatically by a Timer on Messenger

Already this ‘Messanger Lite’ application is available for the people whose phones are too old and are simple to run full pledged facebook. Messenger Lite is similar to the existing Messanger application. It lets people send photos and files but won’t applicable for video calls.

This latest step is taken as the Social media giant announces to have Messanger if the users want to send direct messages to each other, instead of using main Facebook app or site. As per the reports, more than one billion people are using Messanger each day.

In addition to this, the company has kept a loophole, that to access messages people have to log into the Facebook’s mobile website. But the Facebook is ending up this option and making the Messanger as the only option.

Facebook Provides The Select Pages with the Power to Tag their Products

David Marcus, head of messaging products at Facebook Inc., said in an interview that Messenger’s goal is to be a “product for everyone, not only people who can afford a higher-end device and more expensive data plan.”

The officials decided for the initial launch of Messanger Lite in five countries as so many people use Messanger app on old phones there. Whatsapp, the messaging app is also owned by Facebook but operated on the separate entity. More than 1 billion people use Whatsapp and many more uses both the apps.

Facebook now owns three apps with more than 1 billion users

 Facebook’s Messenger has more than 1 billion users. Just two years after its spilt from main Facebook app, it is seated on the world’s top three apps. It’s been four years since the company launched its Messenger application, and finally brought 1 billion active users.

 Facebook Messenger became one of the leading platforms to connect with the people and businesses. According to the company research, FB Messenger involves in playing games, sending payments, sharing jokes, etc. which stood among top reasons for the recent milestone. Facebook released a new emoji in celebration of its new milestone. A new floating balloon emoji could be a gift that users can send to their contacts to celebrate the moment. Beginning this year, Messenger added a new option. Now, users can seek an answer to a question over chat boxes.

Facebook Messenger to get “secret conversations” encryption tool later this summer

 FB Messenger now stood second in the most popular iOS app segment. Its Facebook app in the first, dominating globally with 1.5 billion active users monthly. Whatsapp, the messaging service owned by Facebook in 2014, stood in the third position.

 The company expressed its gratitude towards all the people who are using Messenger. “We know that every message is important to you — no matter what you want to say — and our team is committed to building experiences you love and to making all the interactions in your life easier no matter who you are communicating with. Thank you for using Messenger and being part of our one-billion-strong community,” said Facebook. “As part of this journey to one billion, we focused on creating the best possible experiences in modern day communications. We remain focused on helping connect people to the people and businesses who matter most,” added David Marcus, Vice President, Messenger.

Facebook Introduces OpenCellular, A Open Source Wireless Access Platform  

 It is reported that Facebook made a platform for 10% of VoIP calls globally. Instagram, facebook’s photo-sharing service noticed a decent gain with more than 500 million users. According to Facebook, more than 1 billion messages, 17 billion photos, more than 4000 stickers are being sent between people each month through the messenger app, doubling over the past year.

Ever since the messenger was launched, over 18,000 chat bots were signed up with more than 23000 developers for assisting users.

Facebook Messenger to get “secret conversations” encryption tool later this summer

After WhatsApp, its Facebook’s turn to add encryption option available to its Messenger Application. The increase of people’s concern about the security of their messages made the social networking platform to include the privacy option.

The latest feature would be available in the messenger app after an update which would be released soon. This option allows users to encrypt their messages in the Facebook Messenger.

Is Facebook Breaching Android App Policies with SMS Integration?

The end-to-end encryption testing had started today with a limited number of testers. The so-called “secret conversations” would make messages visible only to the sender and receiver, and no one else can access them. Even the government agencies and Facebook cannot scoop into those chats. This feature also disables Messenger’s chatbot and other payment services too.

Facebook is thinking of launching this new feature for several months and finally took a decision today. By this step, they clearly make a statement that their user’s privacy is most important than any other things.

As of now, the new Secret conversation option will only be available to messenger applications on iOS and Android.Users using Facebook chat, Messenger.com, or the desktop Messenger can’t access this feature. Facebook Inc may avail this option to all others shortly.

Facebook to Revamp Messenger with New Look and Features

The new mode in Facebook Messenger has the option to secure messages even when the device is stolen or lost. The latest option of setting an expiry date for a message would make it invisible forever. On reaching the expiry date messages would be self-destructed and vanishes permanently.

David Marcus, Vice president of messaging products, Facebook said that “We wanted to make Messenger your primary messaging platform, and while we currently were already using a lot of security to ensure that your messages are safe and confidential, we felt that we needed to go one more extra step with this new mode,”.

“The combination of end-to-end encryption and a message countdown clock will actually empower people to have any conversation they want to on Messenger,” he concluded.

The protocol used by the “Secret Conversations “is created by non-profit Open Whisper Systems. It works on a ‘lock’ system to which only sender/receiver of the conversation or group chat will have the distinct ‘key’ to access.

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