As per the recent sources, now Facebook is experimenting with letting the page owners for tagging the actual products in their photos, videos, and other posts. We observed the screenshot from the new screen of the Facebook pages. When Facebook was questioned regarding this, they confirmed and said they were testing the feature.

Source: Business Insider.

When the image is posted on the page, anyone can tap on it for opening the dedicated page. There the user can learn more related information.

One of the Facebook Spokesperson says in the statement that “To provide Page admins with more tools to drive organic product discovery, we’re testing the ability to tag products in photos, videos, and posts.”

The “Organic” discovery which means that there will be no paid advertising component for tagging the products in this way. This won’t be an expansion to imagine Facebook, but somehow monetizing the feature in the future.

The Firm’s Spokesperson says that the page owners have their product catalog in photos, videos, and posts. If not, shop section on Facebook will have the ability to tag products in posts. Facebook provides Page admins with more tools for driving the organic product discovery in the social network.

Business Insider is one of the publication websites who has spotted this feature in their Facebook account. They confirmed the ongoing test with the social network Facebook. Read more information about the tagging the products and to the dedicated pages.

Apart from this features of product tagging for the pages company is testing the other Snapchat-like feature for the Messenger.


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