Tesla model s floating

Recently the owner of the Tesla had driven the Tesla S model in the flooded tunnel out to the other side.

The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk, himself watched the video and showed his excitement in this car’s floating abilities and mentioned that it can turn into a boat for the short period of time. He also had a word on this incident although he is not recommending it. The car continuously moves forward because of the thrust happened via wheel rotation.


Apart from the regular cars that get submerge, the water will get into the engine and will get stopped. But it doesn’t happen to these Tesla models because this car has the electric motors in the bottom which can able to rotate and move the vehicle.

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This incident was captured on the video in Kazakhstan. The footage shows the electric sedan model from Tesla plunge through a flooded tunnel and the other vehicles which are powered by the internal combustion engines are came to full stop.

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Apart from this incident, Elon Musk has tweeted “If curious about TSWLM car, am still planning to do a sports sub car that can drive on roads. Just a side project. Limited market potential :)”

Check out this video which shows Tesla swimming on the water.

Check the tweets from Tesla’s  Elon Musk: