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Now Travel From Chennai to Bengaluru by Land in just 30 minutes

30 minutes travel time

Now you can travel Chennai to Bengaluru in just 30 minutes and that too by land ways. As per reports, this dream come true is a latest proposed mode of transportation by the US-based company to Indians. This revolutionary project reduces the time what we spend in traveling between cities.

The company has recently tweeted the routes which include Chennai-Mumbai, Chennai-Bengaluru, Pune-Mumbai, Mumbai-Delhi, and Bengaluru-Thiruvananthapuram. Hyperloop, the company behind the idea has approached Union Ministry of Road Transport of India with a letter of intent. The fact is that the routes are being considered to run bullet trains. Japanese and Chinese teams are studying the Chennai-Bengaluru route to run high-speed trains.

Hyperloop is on move at 760 mph from LA to SF in just 30min: Elon musk

Hyperloop says that people can commute for the price of bus tickets and all they are going to charge for the fast service. The team behind the project to install prefabricated tubes atop pillars, a move aimed to cut down cost and time of construction. Windmills on the pillars and solar panels on top to tap energy will reduce operational cost.

As employees magnetic system only needs energy at starting, it can glide up to 200 miles when it touches top speed. The first line is expected to come up between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the next few years. It will reduce travel time from 90 minutes to 12 minutes.

Indian Railways Introduces Surge Pricing; for Duronto, Shatabdi, and Rajdhani trains

“Any plan which aims at high-speed connectivity is good. But they may take more than a decade to take off because of different reasons. There will be procedural delays and time taken for approvals from the government,” says a senior railway official.

Government loses interest in the High-speed trains’ project in Kerala for high fares. The line from Thiruvananthapuram to Mangalore ran into trouble when the cost and fare were projected. The land is not barren and free in India, and It cannot be built along the highway due to several bends and inclines. The tunnel should be built on a straight line with minimum curves as the pods will be shuttled at very high speeds.

Tesla unveils more details about how its self-driving cars work in action


We all know that Tesla is building cars with Self-driving technology. Back in October, the car maker has announced the vehicles will be equipped which allows self-driving. Now, Tesla has released few additional footages which show what the car itself sees as it drives on their own.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted a new video of how the self-driving car works in action. The video demonstrates a passenger is sitting in the driver’s seat and the car navigates as per traffic, stop lights, and other road conditions before it parks itself.

Elon Musk Revealed Solar Roof Tiles along with the Battery storage system: Know more details

The video shows off the view from the car’s interior. The video also explains about what the car’s left rear, medium range, and right rear cameras are seeing.

A tornado of colors exposes what the car is ‘seeing’ lane lines and motion, and colored boxes for “in path objects” such as objects, signal lights, and road signs. These boxes highlight other vehicles, people, and other potential hazards which a human driver consider while driving.

According to Tesla, the new cars come packed with an onboard computer with “40 times the computing power of the previous generation” for a better processing of vision, sonar, and radar imagery the vehicle takes in.

Elon Musk Sets his Plans to Colonize Mars and Save Humanity at SpaceX event

This isn’t a perfect test run, the vehicle slowdowns unnecessarily even for people running by the roadside. For instance, It is uncertain about how well this kind of demo would work in the least favorable conditions like snowy weather or nighttime drives on poor visibility roads.

Though it’s still impressive and the car is adequately aware of its environment. The driver doesn’t need to touch the wheel once, even in relatively complex situations.

 Source: Tesla

Elon Musk Revealed Solar Roof Tiles along with the Battery storage system: Know more details

Solar Roof

Tesla will soon go to build and sell their line of solar panels with the integrated batteries. The company has announced the details at the press event held Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

The new Powerwall 2 will allow the housing owners for replacing the entire roof with the solar panels, and there is an update for the Powerwall 2 battery system; this will make it much simpler for the homes and completely powered by the solar power. This solar roof is made with the textured glass tile which is integrated with solar cells. The roof looks as good as or better than the conventional roofs, Says Musk.

Elon Musk Sets his Plans to Colonize Mars and Save Humanity at SpaceX event

These look like the regular tiles when looking from the ground, and it is completely transparent to the sun. These are the hydrographically printed tiles and makes each one a “special snowflake tile,” and no two roofs will be the same, Says Musk. “You can take any two roofs that look like that, and they will be different — because they are different,” said Musk.

Solar panels are available in a different number of versions like Slate Glass Tile, Tuscan Glass Tile, Textured Glass Tile, and Smooth Glass Tile. The company claims that these glass roof tiles are more durable than the conventional roof tiles which are something more important in the areas with risk of hail.

Roof Tiles

Warren Buffett, Elon Musk head-to-head competitors in automobile industry

According to the Solar City CEO Lyndon Rive, these products are the “joint collaboration” between Solar City and Tesla. Tesla is planning to acquire Solar City for $2.6 billion and the shareholders of the both companies. This proposed acquisition is going to happen in the middle of November.

The Powerwall 2 can store 14 kWh of energy with 5 kW continuous power draw, and 7 kW peak.  The battery is warranted for unlimited power cycles and up to 10 years. It can be wall mounted, floor, inside or outside and also used as the load shifting or back-up power.

Musk has also mentioned that there are three parts to the solar energy solution. Generation, Storage, and Transportation. Musk primary plan is to sell all these three of those products through the Tesla.

The details regarding the availability and pricing of this solar roof us yet to reveal. The installation process and how it works was not announced. The price of the Powerwall is about $5,500.

Elon Musk Sets his Plans to Colonize Mars and Save Humanity at SpaceX event

Elon Musk Sets his Plans to Colonize Mars

The founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk is having the great ambitious vision towards the mission to Mars. Elon said this could be as soon as 2022 which is three years sooner than the estimates. Moving the Human race to the other planetary, which is the serious thing and Musk has coming up with outlined plans.

During the 67th annual International Astronautical Congress event held in Guadalajara, Mexico, Musk given the outline information about the SpaceX Plan and also the prototype video in this event.

This project is involved with the new technology with the reusable rockets, carbon fiber fuel tanks, and ultra-powered engines. More over these spaceships are capable of carrying hundred or more passengers to the Planet Mars for Landing and then returning to earth to get more passengers to this red planet.

Space X Rocket Explodes At Cape Canaveral Launch Pad

“What I want to try to achieve here is to make Mars seem possible – like it’s something we can achieve in our lifetimes,” Says Musk.

Musk wants to colonize Mars and build the civilization right there. These are the things he wants to do apart from going to the Mars. So all he need is the gear which helps in reducing the cost of this project and cheap enough for work.

Bill Nye, CEO of the Planetary Society and also organizes some popular TV shows, was in audience and described the energy of the crowd as “extraordinary”.

“Watching the crowd go absolutely wild today tells me that the best is yet ahead for space exploration,” he says, adding to it he says, that Musk had presented “a very aggressive schedule that seemed feasible to the crowd”.

“No matter what we send to Mars, I very much hope we conduct a thorough, careful search for life before we consider landing people and cargo. I believe the discovery of life or evidence of life would change the way we think about the cosmos and our place within it,” Nye added.

NASA’s Juno Mission: First Human Made Spacecraft Intersects Into Jupiter Orbit

NASA had a word that it has made “Extraordinary Progress” in developing the plan for the sustainable Mars exploration and building the partnerships both in the public and private sectors.

So far this is one of the better things we came across in the Space, and there are another interesting thing came across regarding the planet Mercury. As per the recent reports, Mercury is the first ever planet after earth containing the tectonic activity. Stay tuned for the more details about these activities.

Satya Nadella Briefs AI implementation in Upcoming Microsoft Products

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has briefed about the company’s implementation of Artificial Intelligence. He also indicated a situation where in future there will be no names even to name the advancements that take place.

At present, the Artificial Intelligence has been adopted in many of the Microsoft products. The interaction took place in the city of Atlanta.

He also expressed his concerns about the problems that minimize human intention and time in information explosion and the ability to make sense out of it.

Microsoft Office 365 Packed With New Artificial Intelligence Features to Lure the Companies and Firms

Google’s game-playing artificial brain has though far better than human brains reach, Nadella did not get enthusiastic. AI has got appreciation from the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk too for its amazing performance.

Microsoft has included AI in its products. Cortana with Windows 10 Operating System alone has around 133 million users monthly. Apart from this many other applications and soft wares will be provided with AI. This will be more useful for the corporate and commercial firms and companies.

This is useful for all the sections of the techies. Developers and users have their motives fulfilled with AI introduction into the Microsoft products. Office 365 will be mainly benefited for the company as this will make the usage vaster. PowerPoint representation and other assigned elements of the package can be enhanced.

Microsoft is Working on Messaging app called Skype Teams

The internal CRM tool of the company has already implemented AI. The utilities that are derived from it just amazing for the company employees. The sales and services are being ascertained with high-level performance.

Bingo images are now assigned to the office 365 excel sheets to design and save the maps. Face detection and other tools like sensor and voice controls are now the new inclusions with the introduction of AI into the product package.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft CEO is not so happy about the various usages of AI. His concerns are also not negligible as they have a valid point to think. Hence, the usage an the future should be taken care of.