HAWTHORNE CA - OCTOBER 09: The new dashboard of Tesla "D" model electric sedan is seen on a giant screen during Elon Musk's , CEO of Tesla, unveiling of the dual engine chassis of the new Tesla 'D' model, a faster and all-wheel-drive version of the Model S electric sedan, at the Hawthorne Airport October 09, 2023 in Hawthorne, California. The D will be able to accelerate to 60 miles per hour in just over 3 seconds. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

As per the recent Tesla Forum posts it looks like the company is now going to offer free one month Autopilot trails for the models S and X owners. Tesla has been installing its Autopilot hardware suite in all its vehicles manufactured since October 2014, but not all the semi-autonomous features are free for the owners. Well, autopilot safety features like auto emergency braking and side collision avoidance comes within the price of the vehicle.

Convenience features like active cruise control and highway steering are charged $2,500 if customer activates it during the time of purchase. It charges $3,000 if activated later through an over-the-air software after the purchase. So, now the company with the view of capitalizing seems to offer one month free Autopilot Trail to the owners who did not choose the convenience features.

The picture on the Electrek looks like the Tesla Forum shows a popup on the Model S center console offering a one month trail of the Autopilot convenience features package. The lines of the pop up on the Model S shows that the trail incudes Parking with Summon. (Tesla’s Summon up-date came with update v7.1 to the Tesla Model S in the month of January)

Experience Tesla Autopilot

Try Autopilot Convenience Features and experience a stress-free commute. This one-month free trial enables automatic steering, speed, lane changing, and parking with Summon. Once your trial begins, you’ll receive an email with instructions for permanently upgrading your Tesla.

So, now all the owners of Model S an X are a touch away to experience the semi-autonomous features. The initiative of Autopilot trail would fall under the “Puppy Dog” tactic will be a very successful update to the Tesla owners who didn’t choose convenience features when they configured the car. The software prices around 3-5% of the car cost so it is expected that most of the owners would add this feature after the trail.

As per the recent news published in the Marketwatch, Tesla Autopilot system recently survived Ohioan Joshua Brown when a heavy truck almost side-swiped his Tesla Model S this month.



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