You all know the popular song from Rihanna featuring Canadian rapper Drake, “Work” This video is premiered in the month of February 2016 and got popular in less time. It also reached in top charts for many music chart lists. This song reached the top in the Billboard Hot 100.

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Now this song is insanely remixed by the dance choreographer Chase Constantino. This remix video is uploaded on his YouTube channel and the video is covered with tabla beats, Bharatanatyam fusion and hip-hop moves.

This video has the Rihanna native vibes which are really outstanding and best. You guys have to check out this video for sure. Don’t miss this video.

Some critics are raised on the remix video that the essence and the classical Indian dance was lost and movements are not proper. It takes many years to learn and get master in the Indian classical dance, but without putting the proper label, it is called as semi-classical. Definitely this will not be the classical.

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On the other hand the users are giving the positive feedback on the vid.


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